Modification mistakes that lower the value of your car

Car modification has become increasingly popular and is a big hobby for a lot of people. However, what people fail to realise is that some modifications mistakes can lower the value you of your car.

For some, this is not an issue, as they don’t intend to sell the car on. But for others, if you want to sell your car further down the line – it is essential that you carefully consider the modifications you are completing on your vehicle.

Here is a list of some common modification mistakes!


Body kits and car body modifications refer to when the shape of your car has been altered by using a set of modified parts or additional components. Examples of some body modifications are hood and bonnet scoops.  This involves the addition of big spoilers and the front and rear bumpers being lowered.

These modifications can often lower the value of your car as you are adding a part to your car which is not from the official brand.

These modifications can often lower the value of your car as you are adding a part to your car which is not from the official brand.

The issue here is that the parts are unlikely to fit perfectly, which will lead to uneven placement and mismatched seams. As well as this, it can be extremely hazardous on uneven road surfaces.


Performance modifications are anything that changes the way your car runs. Examples of this include brake upgrades, electrical work, and engine work.

The reason people usually add performance modifications to a car is to make it drive in a certain way, generally at high speeds.

This will immediately lower the value you of your vehicle as it is likely that the car has raced and ‘beat on’ or not treated particularly carefully. Even if this is not the case, the existing perception is there for buyers.


A popular modification is under-car neon lights. However, the law is particularly strict on car lights, and you must know what is allowed and what you can be prosecuted for if your lights are illegal.

Only white lights are allowed for headlights on the front of your car and red lights on the back of your car.

With regards to under-car neon lights, you cannot have any visible tubing, and the light cannot be bright enough to distract you or other drivers. Flashing lights are illegal.


One of the most well-known modifications is loud or muffled exhausts. This modification makes the car the centre of attention because of how loud it is.

A downside to this, however, is that a loud exhaust is sure to decrease the value of your car, as not many people want to be heard coming up the road from a mile off. It is important to note that a lot of garages regulate exhaust noise and emissions.

This means you need to ensure your car would pass an inspection with your exhaust.


Wheels are often modified, including widening, changing the alloy wheels or adding steel wheels.

The problem with modifying wheels is that it is an entirely personal preference, so can put off a potential buyer if the wheels are what you prefer. When modifying your wheels, make sure to hold onto the originals as then your modifications can be reversed.


Window tinting does not lower the value of your car when it is done correctly. If not done correctly, lousy tint jobs can leave bubbles and pieces of window that have not been tinted.

The Vehicle Wrapping Centre has technicians that specialise in 3M window tinting. Having your windows tinted can provide reduced glare, heat reduction, UV protection, privacy and comfort.


A car engine undergoing a digital diagnostics test.

In the above, we have mentioned modifications that can lower the value of your car, let’s move on to some that can increase your resale value.


Parking sensors and cameras improve safety. Parking cameras allow the driver to have a clear view of what is in front or behind them and can aid parking anywhere you go.

This feature is attractive to potential buyers as parking can often be a difficult task.


Sat navs and GPS features are available on most smartphones today, however, having a built-in sat-nav could increase your car’s resale value.

A lot of entertainment systems that can be installed into your vehicle include a sat nav feature.

So, not only are you getting the navigation system, but you will gain things such as Bluetooth connectivity which allows the driver to play music.

These two things could improve your cars resale buyer, as again, it is attractive to potential buyers because it will improve their overall driving experience.


If you are planning to sell your car and the paint is damaged, or perhaps there are some scratches or faded parts, it can be a good idea to consider a vehicle wrap. You can essentially transform your car with a professional vehicle wrap.

In many places, people prefer cars to be a specific colour, if you get your vehicle wrapped, you can change the colour to intrigue more potential buyers. Ensure to inform the buyer that your vehicle is wrapped, however. The Vehicle Wrapping Centre specialises in different types of wrapping, from 3M wrapping to digitally printed wraps.


When you modify your car, it will usually impact your insurance and increase its cost. Owners with a modification pay 5% more on average for their premiums according to research.

The reason your insurance price will increase is because of perceptions insurance companies have about modified cars. Any modifications that change the mechanics of your car mean that your vehicle is less predictable. Insurers no longer ‘know’ what to expect from your car as they often go from examples of other cars.

For example, modified vehicles are often more attractive to thieves, so have a higher risk of being stolen.

Modifications with regards to insurance do not just mean body kits and lights; it can mean any change to your car, e.g. parking sensors and a sat-nav.

If you are completing a vehicle wrap, it is important to check whether your insurer asks to be notified of a change.

Research has shown that some insurers do not ask to be notified of temporary cosmetic changes which means there may be no impact on your insurance costs at all.

To conclude, many vehicle modifications can lower the resale value of your car. However, some modifications have the potential to increase the value if they could benefit a driver.

When modifying your car, ensure that every modification has been thought through properly and completed by professionals.