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There are many reasons someone may want to change the colour of their car or vehicle. Perhaps you have a favourite colour, and you have secured a great deal on a vehicle in the knowledge you are going to wrap it after purchase or you simply fancy a change. Vinyl wrapping offers a quick and cost-effective way of creating a completely new and individual look for your vehicle. As well as this, it gives your paintwork an added layer of protection from general road wear and chi, which is a huge advantage when purchasing or leasing any new vehicle, maximising your cars value further down the line.

Unlike an expensive paint job a colour change vinyl wrap typically takes four to five working days and can be reversed should you wish to do so when selling the or handing back the vehicle at the end of your lease terms. Vehicle wrap film technology is ever-evolving with a vast array of options available across a range of high gloss, satin, metallic, chrome & matte finishes, meaning there truly is something for everyone.

Whatever your reasons, you have come to the right place. At The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we offer professional vehicle wrapping services with highly trained, accredited technicians and a purpose design workshop to provide the very best quality on the market.

There are two types of Colour Change wrap:


A Complete Colour Change wrap is a premium styling package. This option takes vehicle wrapping to the highest level and requires additional time, skills and knowledge to safely dismantle and rebuild all types of vehicles.

This wrap specification covers all painted or colour coded panels on the car including the door shut areas and backs of the doors so that when the car doors are open none of the vehicles original colour can be seen, providing a truly stunning make-over.

Check out some examples of this coverage;


An Exterior Colour Change wrap is best suited for dark coloured or black cars. The reason for this is the reduced cover when compared to a full-colour change wrap. As suggested by the name, an exterior wrap only covers the panels of the car meaning that the original paintwork will still be visible when you open the doors of the car.

This option can also be well suited to cars that will be wrapped in a similar colour, for example, a white car with an exterior wrap in satin pearl white or grey car being wrapped matte dark grey.

Check out some examples:

Looking for something else?

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Partial Wraps.

Whether its a top half, bottom half or just a set of wing mirrors, you can pick any part of your vehicle to wrap.

Partial wraps can be great to vastly improve the styling of your car without the expense of a full wrap.

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Vinyl Detailing.

Is your car covered in dated chrome trims?

Vinyl detailing covers a range of applications, including de-chromes, carbon fibre detailing, stripes and interior wrapping.

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Vehicle Graphics.

Perhaps you are about to embark on a driving adventure or road rally and want to add some unique custom graphics for the trip. Or, if you have a business to promote, vehicle graphics offer unrivalled exposure.

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Bespoke Designs.

For a truly one-of-a-kind, utterly bespoke look for your vehicle, a full digitally printed wrap is the best way to make an impact. Utilised by businesses and influencers alike, look no further, our designers are awaiting your call!

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