Decals & Stickers.

What is a vehicle decal?

It could be a small motif or phrase that means something to you; maybe it’s an aspect of your business’s branding or perhaps a team or club logo. Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we know that a quality and well-placed decal can make a world of difference.

Because of this, we take our decal design and application just as seriously as our full vehicle wraps. After all, the same qualified technicians will be carrying out the application for you.


What is the difference between a decal and a sticker?

This is a question that we are most commonly asked at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, which is fair, as answers across the internet can be quite confusing.

A vinyl sticker is something that has been applied to a vinyl cutting.

A vinyl decal is something that has the image printed onto it.

This means that a decal uses a vinyl base, whereas a sticker will use one that is made from paper.


Can private vehicles get decals?

Yes, we have applied custom decals to a range of private vehicles, including cars, bikes, boats, and even planes.

Our experienced designers work tirelessly through every phase of the creative process, working hard to ensure that every decal is printed and applied in the exact manner specified by the client.


What kind of commercial vehicle can get decals?

Car decals, van decals, and lorry decals are a great choice for branding your vehicle. You can choose to go bold and large, or smaller and subtle, but either way, your vehicle will be a moving billboard for your business, which is guaranteed to catch eyes. Get your logo, name and details seen.

Whether you are based in Yorkshire or Lancashire, we have a Vehicle Wrapping Centre near you – we have easily accessible centres in Leeds and Manchester. Get in touch today, and we can help you plan your vehicle decals for optimum results.


Are decals better than stickers?

In our view, vehicle decals are almost certainly better than any stickers that you can get for your car, van, truck, bike, or bus.

Not only do they last longer, offer better quality, are better resistant, but they are also made with 3M vinyl – the best quality vinyl for wrapping and decals in the UK.

This makes the cost of decals a lot more economical than stickers.