Paint Protection Film.

Vehicle paint protection film offers an optically clear layer of armour for your car’s paintwork. Protecting your investment from chips, scratches & road debris maximising the car’s resale value & maintaining its factory finish.

Just like a vehicle wrap, when it comes to Paint Protection Film installation’s attention to detail is paramount. This is why we have specialist in-house vehicle detailing professionals to make sure your paintwork is properly evaluated and treated prior to any paint protection film application. This expertise ensures the highest quality of finish for your vehicle.

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a transparent clear thermoplastic polyurethane with self-healing properties that can protect any vehicle’s paintwork from scuffs, chips, and minor abrasions that when looked after in the correct way, will give the same depth of finish as newly detailed paint for many years.

This unseen layer of armour can be particularly important when it comes to performance and prestige vehicles, where the car paint protection film can help to maintain the car’s aesthetic and value. PPF is a cheaper alternative to costly paintwork repairs and is also a significant time-saver through the power of prevention.

There is a huge range of car protective coating options to consider when you are looking to protect your vehicle. We offer tailored packages across a range of premium films, giving you the ability to choose the right package for you.

Did you know? Originally, paint protection film was invented to protect military helicopters from flying debris!

Coverage options.

Available in High Gloss & Satin/Matte

Paint Protection Film Packages & Prices.

Front End Protection.

Providing protection for the most vulnerable, forward facing areas on everyday roads.

Coverage: front bumper, wings, bonnet, head lights & mirror caps.

From £1350+

Track Pack Protection.

Designed to give added protection in for the high impact zones when enjoying some track time.

Coverage: front bumper, wings, bonnet, head lights, mirrors, a-pillars, side skirts & rear bumper splash guards.

From £1850+

Comprehensive Protection.

Perfect for grand touring or daily drivers.

Coverage: front bumper, wings, bonnet, doors, rear quarters, head lights, mirrors, a-pillars, side skirts & rear bumper splash guards.

Price On Application


100% peace of mind and ensured maximum resale value.

Coverage: Car paint protection film applied to all exterior bodywork.

From £3460+

bespoke coverage Paint Protection.

Create your own bespoke package; from as little as headlights or a singular front bumper.

Speak to one of our sales representatives today for more information and to discuss your protection requirements or to get a quote and book your vehicle in for treatments.

Our PPF Process.

Our trained installers are experienced across a range of paint protection films and instal methods. Using the latest, up to date templating database we are able to pre-cut the selected film in-house on our large format plotter ahead of the vehicle being dropped off. We also offer extensive experience in ‘bulk fitting’ PPF which lends its self to more bespoke or tricky applications.

Every vehicle that arrives with us here goes through these stringent procedures to ensure the highest level of quality;

  1. Check-in; upon arriving with your vehicle you will be greeted by a member of the team. We will conduct an initial inspection of your vehicle’s condition with you present, recording any damage or defects that may already be present – this applies to all vehicles whether it is a new or used vehicle.
  2. Multi-stage safe wash; your vehicle will then undergo a thorough deep clean, using special fallout, de-greaser and a clay bar to fully decontaminate the paintwork and wheels before drying.
  3. The second inspection; with your vehicle now clean and under the lights in our detailing bay, we will carry out a further inspection to identify any light scratches, swirls marks or defects in the paintwork that may require paint correction. Any correctional work will be carried out at this point.
  4. Surface prep; now your paintwork has been corrected we prepare each surface for the application of the film.
  5. Application; our team will then proceed with installing the selected vehicle protection film.
  6. Quality control; once the film has been installed and left to dry out for 24-48 hours we move to our checking procedure.
  7. Hand-over; upon passing QC the vehicle receives a final clean for it is presented back to you.

Our preferred FILMS:

Commonly Asked Questions.

How Long will the Paint Protection Film Last?

One of the most impressive attributes of modern-day paint protection films is its longevity and ability to look good after years of use.

Premium manufacturers, like Avery Dennison, Hexis & Suntek, and others, give warranted durability of up 10 years if professionally installed by recommended installers such as ourselves.

At the same time, however, there are environmental factors that can affect the lifespan and quality of paint protection films, but you should expect a professionally applied paint protection film to last at least five to 10 years.

What are the benefits of paint protection film?

When professionally applied, there are many benefits of having paint protection on your car.

One of the primary reasons that people have paint protection on their car is so that it keeps the car looking protected and the finish as good as new or the day it is installed.

This level of retention also helps retain the value of a car, which is especially handy for those looking to invest in a car or sell it in the near future.

Another remarkable benefit of paint protection is that it repels UV protection, provides chemical protection, and saves money on costly paintwork repairs.

Lastly, one of the most appreciated benefits of paint protection is that it makes cleaning and washing your car a whole lot easier.

examples of work.

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Of course you are welcome to visit our facility and meet the team.
Perhaps a look through some swatches and check out our current projects, simply give us a call to arrange at appointment.

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