Caliper Painting Leeds.

Calliper painting is great way of personalising and rejuvenating your vehicles appearance.

As your car ages the hard work your brake callipers do can start to show with the build up of iron from your brakes which in-turn can start to tarnish the callipers finish and compromise the look of your vehicle.

Thankfully your brake callipers can be brought back to life or personalised with a bespoke colour change through our painting service.

How do We paint callipers?

Every vehicle that arrives with us here goes through this stringent procedure to ensure the same high level of finish;

  • Vehicle is cleaned (if your booking is only in for Calliper painting we may only concentrate on this area)
  • Vehicle is lifted using vehicle ramp.
  • Alloy wheels are removed.
  • Callipers are degreased, wire brushed to remove rust and throughly cleaned to prepare to the calliper for its new colour.
  • The area around the brake calliper is masked up using protective paper to prevent over spray on the brake disc and inner wheel arch.
  • Base coat of your selected paint colour applied and allowed to touch dry.
  • Second coat of paint colour applied and allowed to touch dry.
  • Final clear coat of gloss or satin lacquer applied.
  • 24hrs of drying time allowed for paint to harden.
  • Masking removed to reveal the new finish.
  • Quality checks carried out (process repeated if necessary)
  • Custom or Manufacture Decals added.
  • Wheels re-installed, car lowered and wheel nuts torqued up to manufacture specification.
  • Your vehicle is ready for collection.

Calliper decals in Leeds.

Our in-house design team can create any custom or manufacturer decal you would like to add to your freshly painted calliper, be sure to request this when booking.

How long does it take?

We allow 2 working days for this process to ensure enough time with your vehicle for all steps to be carried out properly.

If you are having this work done along side a vehicle wrap or other service this will affect the time needed with your vehicle.


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