Commercial wraps.

As a marketing tool, vehicle graphics and vehicle liveries offer unrivalled value. Both are excellent choices for cost-effective and high impact advertising of your business.

Branding a commercial vehicle can be done in several ways using vinyl application. For a simple low budget option that is straight to the point, cut graphics and lettering are an excellent option for getting your name out into the public eye. Vehicle graphics range from these simple graphics, up to entirely digitally printed wraps and everything in between. If you have a budget, our design team are experts in maximising the coverage and impact of your wrap or graphics.

Vehicle wraps remain the best option for branding your fleet. Not only can we produce a one-of-a-kind and bespoke design that can be replicated across an infinite number of vehicles; but when its time to refresh your fleet, this is simply removed. Once this is removed, your vehicle is left with fresh, original paintwork, with a higher resale value and no additional re-painting costs.

Types OF commercial WRap.

Compared to traditional methods such as sign-writing and vinyl wrapping, graphics and liveries are cost-effective for your business. The finish not only looks professional but promotes your brand or marketing message in a highly effective manner. With such freedom of design, you can use any combination of text and graphics, including decals if required, to create an entirely bespoke finish on your commercial vehicle.


When you consider vehicle wrapping for your company’s fleet versus traditional signwriting and livery, there really is no comparison. Traditional vehicle signwriting, for example, is often painted and therefore very time consuming and expensive. This also limits the attention to detail possible and depth of design, meaning it is costly for the service you receive. This process is also permanent and cannot be reversed without additional expense.

On the other hand, vehicle wraps offer a host of advantages for commercial vehicles. Designed for purpose, they can be in any custom design or colour you require, with the use of high-resolution imagery to catch the attention of other road users and pedestrians. You can add any decals or graphics over the top; meaning should something need to be changed, this can be done quickly without loss of your work vehicle. Vehicle wrapping gives you much more choice and also turns your fleet into a collection of mobile billboards to advertise your brand. It is cost-effective, and a great marketing budget spend.

Unlike painted graphics, vinyl wraps are removable and temporary. This means that if you need to change your commercial vehicle wrap design after two or three years, you can. Perhaps you will have a new advertising campaign you’d like to promote, or some details have changed since your first wrap – such as a contact number, or your company’s image or logo. The best thing about wrapping is, you don’t have to remove and replace the whole wrap; we can replace just the panel or panels of vinyl that you would like to alter.

Whether you need one or hundreds of commercial vehicles wrapping, we are experts in this field. Our technicians are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience. Our centre is purposefully designed to ensure a perfect environment for installing vehicle wraps to the highest standard.

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