Why is the best advertising on the side of a vehicle?

Commercial vehicles from the classic ‘white van’ to large HGVs are a very visible representation of your business while on the road, giving you a presence that is noticed by other road users and pedestrians during your journey, as well as effectively serving as a mobile billboard en route and at your destination.

A plain white van or blank HGV side is a sad waste of that space when compared with the advertising potential that can be achieved with a brightly coloured commercial vehicle wrap, complete with high-contrast text that can be read easily from a distance.

There are other advantages to a commercial vehicle wrap too, as the extra layer protects paintwork and bodywork underneath it from exposure to the elements or chipping due to stones and grit kicked up by other road vehicles’ tyres, and the vehicle wrap can be removed easily when you want to restore the original appearance.


In terms of advertising, you can think of your vehicle as being similar to the mobile billboards you sometimes see driving through the streets of Leeds or Manchester – but rather than having to hire a vehicle just to display your advertisement, it’s there 24/7 wherever you drive or park up.

This is especially valuable for businesses like builders, window fitters, scaffolders and so on, as having your vehicle parked nearby with clear contact details printed on the side ensures that any passers-by who admire your handiwork are left in no doubt as to who carried out the work, and you don’t need to worry about setting up freestanding signs or getting the householder’s permission to do so.

Your commercial vehicle wrap even discourages would-be thieves from taking your vehicle while it is parked up on a job, or back at your base overnight, as unique side panel graphics make vans and trucks – already some of the largest vehicles on the road – much harder to disguise when stolen.


And finally, your vehicle naturally tends to travel in areas where you are willing to accept work, meaning your audience on a daily basis should consist largely of customers you would be happy to travel to, making it naturally a very well targeted geographic marketing method.

The more general benefits of commercial vehicle wraps all still apply, such as the protection of your paintwork as mentioned above, and a much smarter overall appearance than the traditional image of the dirty white van with ‘clean me’ written across the back doors by a passer-by.

With a vehicle wrap, you can apply the appropriate coat of wax to not only keep your graphics and colours looking vibrant, but also to repel dust and grime for the future, substantially reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your vehicle week after week.

This leaves you able to get out on the road much faster in a vehicle that will be visually striking and appear smart and clean – displaying your marketing message for all passing motorists and pedestrians to see, without any extra effort needed from you or your fleet drivers.

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