Frequently Asked Questions

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre we are regularly asked questions about our services and the products we offer at both our Manchester and Leeds garages.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common ones that you might want to ask before heading to our centres:

A vehicle wrap is the process of covering a vehicle, whether personal or commercial, in pliable vinyl. If a commercial car undergoes the wrapping process, the purpose is usually to utilise the vehicle for branding and advertising purposes.

No, in fact by wrapping a car you are actually offering an extra layer of protection to the vehicle’s surface. This means that wrapped vehicles retain a greater proportion of their value.

Yes, if a person wishes to sell their car, or would like another vehicle wrap design, the vinyl wrapping can simply be peeled away. Instructions for this procedure can be offered upon request.

Absolutely, our specialist designers work with clients throughout the wrapping process. This means that if a client has a design in mind, we are more than happy to implement it. On the other hand, we’re more than happy to work with a few ideas or concepts.

It is often the case that vehicles enjoy part wraps, both on personal and commercial vehicles.

Depending on the vehicle receiving the wrap, and a few other factors, including what kind of wrap is being applied, a typical project can take between one and three days.

The client will always be notified of how long a wrap will take before the wrap takes place.

If looked after carefully, a good wrap can last for around five years.

We can offer advice on how to look after a vehicle wrap during the consultation process.

Anyone who has a vehicle wrap should inform their insurance company of such changes, even if a vehicle has received a part wrap.

As with insurance companies, the DVLA also needs to be informed. However, this is usually a very quick process that involves the completion of a V5C form.

You will be required to select the most appropriate colour from a list.

It is important that we receive the vehicle in the best possible condition before it is brought to us.

Due to the fact that vehicle wrapping can last for so long, it is more cost effective than other labour-intensive painting options.

What’s more, 3M vinyl can protect a vehicle’s body for this entire period, meaning that chips and scratches can be totally avoided, even up to seven years down the line.

Additionally, if you decide to change your marketing or fleet design, we can get to work unwrapping a vehicle and applying new designs in no time.

f you’re not after a full vehicle wrap, we also offer beautiful decals and stickers using the very same 3M vinyl.

Find out more about vinyl stickers and decals, here.

Although you may not realise it, signwriting is a skilled, cherished and often undervalued art form that has helped to advertise products and businesses for thousands of years – far removed from the van signwriting of today.

But due to advances in technology, we can now design, print and apply graphics and vehicle wraps in a matter of hours, but of course, this hasn’t always been the case.