Benefits of vehicle wrapping for electric HGVs

Stand out for sustainability

Eye-catching fleet wraps are great for grabbing the attention of potential customers, and this kind of branding provides continuous visibility while on the move.

Electric HGVs are an excellent way to upgrade your fleet, and you can take it a step further with vehicle fleet wrapping. The fleet industry is looking to replace diesel HGVs with battery electric HGVs.

These vehicles are an excellent choice as we move towards a future that will benefit the world’s future sustainability goals.

Why are electric HGVs a good choice?

Electric truck manufacturers in the UK include Renault Trucks, DAF and Mercedes-Benz car brands. The current cost of an electric HGV is usually higher than its diesel counterpart. However, it’s expected that electric HGVs will become cost-competitive by 2030.

This isn’t too far away from where we are today, and as technology continues to grow and develop, we will see an increase in battery capacity and mileage. Eventually, electric trucks may take over as the cheaper-to-run option, which benefits businesses that rely on a fleet of HGV vehicles.

Furthermore, world leaders are setting goals to reduce emissions. At the moment, the upfront costs for electric HGVs are notably higher, but electric HGVs certainly provide plenty of long-term benefits, including reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Can you Fleet Wrap Electric HGVs?

Fleet wrap for electric HGVs involves applying consistent branding to a fleet of vehicles. This can increase visibility among customers.

A combination of colours, logos, and graphics professionally applied to your fleet creates a brand identity for potential and future customers. This wrap style is designed to display a business and marketing message for a company when out on the road.

Vehicle wraps for fleets are available in various forms, but there are three main ones you may want to consider as a bespoke design for your electric HGV fleet:

  • Decals: The smallest form of vehicle graphics is individual decals, which can be placed on different HGV places and customized in any way you want.
  • Partial wraps: Partial wraps are designed to cover a section of an HGV, and a great style of partial wrap is cab wrapping, the perfect wrap solution for HGV vehicles.
  • Full wraps: Full wraps are an excellent choice for covering the entire vehicle, and it all becomes an advertisement; the full coverage makes it incredibly easy to catch the attention of any potential customers.

Benefits of fleet wrap for electric HGVs

In most businesses, vehicles and their operation are integral to the day-to-day operations. The fleet is the face of your business, and it’s essential to keep your fleet looking its best.

We can help your fleet look fantastic with top-quality designs that can market your business on the road and help you reach new customers. 

Raises brand awareness 

Fleet wrap is an excellent choice for your electric HGVs and can create awareness for your brand. If you have a uniform fleet that carries all the same branding designs, this creates awareness of your brand and services and provides professionalism and trust for your company. 

Reaches a wider audience

Electric HGVs can cover a wide area when transporting goods and make your brand visible to a broader audience. Bright colours attracts attention from walkers, drivers, and anyone nearby!

Highly durable 

Fleet wrapping can protect your electric HGV truck’s paintwork from any damage or chips along the way, so in a few years, if you decide to change or upgrade your vehicle, it will generally still be in excellent condition. 


Fleet wraps for your electric HGVs can provide a cost-effective way to attract new customers. Plenty of other advertising methods can result in consistent monthly payments. Once you’ve paid for your fleet branding, it’s there for the long term and can save you some money in the long run. 

What services does the Vehicle Wrapping Centre offer?

We are experts in vehicle branding and are the first choice in Yorkshire and beyond. As we are the first choice for fleet graphics and vehicle wraps, we’ve built an extensive portfolio of local clientele and are the producers of many fleets designs you may recognise. 

We offer fleet wrapping solutions for various vehicles, from smart cars to large electric HGVs. We’re proud to take care of countless fleets across Yorkshire. 

Our extra-large, temperature-controlled, secure, and monitored workspace easily accommodates many large vehicles. 

Our expert in-house design team is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in this field, and after your consultation, we will outline limitations for the design of your chosen vehicle and work with you to maximise every opportunity to display your company branding. 

Whether you already have a design idea or existing brand guidelines or are searching for a new and fresh design, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a quote on your electric HGV fleet and have our team guide you through the bespoke design services we offer.