What type of businesses benefit from vehicle wraps?

make the most of your company vechicles with vehicle wraps

Advertising is crucial for the success of any small business in Yorkshire and the North West of England, but their resources and marketing budgets are markedly smaller than the big fish.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your audience to stop and take notice of your brand, so why not promote your business while you’re out on the road?

A well-designed vehicle wrap isn’t only cost-effective but also functions as a mobile billboard. Whether you’re waiting at traffic lights, parked up at a motorway service, or driving through a busy town centre, you can quickly catch the eyes of pedestrians and other motorists.

It doesn’t matter if you have one company vehicle or an entire fleet, as few methods provide the same level of traction as a quality vehicle wrap.

For example, consider how many sets of eyes your vehicle reaches if you regularly travel on a busy road like the M65. Better still, it’s almost impossible for onlookers to ignore vehicle wraps compared to other advertising channels.

Businesses that can benefit from vehicle wrapping

Vehicles are integral to the day-to-day operations of many companies. Here are a handful of businesses and industries that can use vehicle wrapping to create a cohesive look and feel, along with instant recognisability of their company and employees.

Home and commercial services companies

Every day, fleets of service vehicles are busy driving to and from home and businesses to provide essential services. From plumbers fixing leaking pipes to landscapers keeping public parks at their best, vehicle wraps can help skilled traders establish their name in the community and attract attention in the area where they’re working.

It’s essentially free advertising while you’re doing your job. For example, if you’re painting the exterior of a property, having your branded vehicle outside the home you’re working on will be in sight of all the neighbours. If they’re impressed by your work, they know who to call when they want the outside of their house sprucing up.

Use high-quality vehicle wraps to showcase your commitment to quality and essential business information — hours of operation, phone numbers, services, etc. Adding your company logo to the exterior of your works car, van, or truck establishes instant brand recognition and trust, as customers will know when you arrive on site.

For plumbing companies investing in a custom vehicle wrap,  don’t forget to include a 24/7 phone number for those midnight emergencies. You can even have a QR code on your vehicle wrap to turn it into a seamless form of active advertising. Potential customers and passers-by can scan it with their smartphone and visit your website.

Food industry businesses

Whet the appetite of hungry customers by using vinyl wraps to parade your food business. Restaurants that offer delivery services benefit from business car wraps as they advertise their services to anyone who sees them. Customers who have placed orders will also know when their tasty delivery has arrived.

Similar to skilled trade services, another house in the area you’re delivering to might see your vehicle pulled up and decide to make an order for themselves.

Presentation is critical in the food industry, so a well-designed car wrap with pictures of your mouth-watering pizza cheese pulls, and all-important contact information can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Caterers and bakeries should also consider vehicle wrapping. Imagine you run a business making bespoke celebration cakes and are delivering a three-tier masterpiece to a wedding venue.

A sleek and sophisticated wrap will ensure you arrive in style and everyone in attendance is exposed to your brand. If they enjoy a slice (or two) of your cake, they will remember your name for future occasions and events.

Food trucks face a much tougher challenge as they market to unconverted customers. Many use vehicle wraps with bright colours and playful fonts (as well as the whiff of their delicious food) to persuade passers-by to get in line or step up to the window.

The wrap should clarify what type of food you serve, and you may even want to implement your menu into the design. If changes need to be made to your design later on (for example, through a menu change), vehicle wraps can be easily removed without damaging the truck.

Delivery businesses

It’s not just the food industry that delivers. You can get pretty much anything delivered nowadays. Vehicle wraps can be a valuable marketing tool for florists, furniture retailers, grocers, pharmacies, and many more businesses that offer delivery.

A branded delivery vehicle ensures customers recognise you when you arrive at their location, rather than worrying about a random unmarked van in their driveway (especially for surprise deliveries).

Using the same design across your fleet creates buzz around the brand and helps people know what to expect when your business delivery vehicle pulls up.

Use your vehicle wrap to tell the story of your delivery businesses, including images of your products and the areas you deliver to.

Transportation and logistics companies

Shipping and logistics enterprises are always on the move, so it makes sense to advertise your company while moving goods from Point A to Point B.

Potential customers will see you on the road and be able to provide speedy, efficient transportation services, so customise each vehicle in your fleet with your logo, contact information, services, and other relevant details.

Colleges and universities

It’s important to remember that businesses don’t have to perform services at people’s homes or deliver products to benefit from custom business vehicle wraps.

Colleges and universities are a prime example of this. They don’t rely on using the roads to keep their business running, but they can still profit from a professional car wrap.

You can help prospective students learn more about the institution by strategically parking at careers fairs or on campus. It’s also a great way to provide a talking point for enrolled students and encourage them to engage in activities.

The bottom line

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed here. Your business vehicle(s) covered in eye-catching graphics with a compelling call to action will attract new customers while you’re on the road or parked at a high-footfall location.

So whether you’re an electrician, run a pet grooming business, or crying out for members at your gym, custom vehicle wraps can help put your company under the spotlight.

Not only is it much more affordable than a brand-new paint job, but it gives customers a chance and a reason to know your name and use your services. Nobody can talk about a company they’ve never heard of, so contact us today to learn more about our outstanding commercial vehicle wrap service.

We can provide vehicle wraps in any colour and design to help your business boom — check out our commercial portfolio.