The ultimate guide to coach and bus wraps

make a big impact with your fleet

Fully wrapped buses and coaches are a guaranteed way of making a bold statement and getting your business or campaign noticed. Why not take things one step further for your campaign with a full bus wrap?

At WPRD Ltd, we’ve been involved in many projects, including airport transfer buses and mobile event vehicles. We professionally design, wrap and arrange efficient graphics for every vehicle type, including large buses and coaches. Creative bus wraps are an incredibly popular investment for local businesses and film companies.

This considerable popularity is due to its exposure to the general public. Coach and bus wraps are an effective marketing tool, tried and tested by many different businesses throughout the years and is a proven way to get your business or campaign noticed — it’s just too bold to miss!

What is a coach and bus wrap?

Coach & bus wrap design is manufactured using several sections of incredibly durable vinyl decals. 

These decals then perfectly fit along the side of the vehicle. Whether it’s a bus or coach, they can provide a full or partial cover.

When looking at a coach or bus wraps, these will appear opaque on the outside, but on the inside, you or passengers will still be able to see through the window from inside the bus or coach. 

This is because we use perforated decals, specially made with lots of tiny, evenly spaced holes to allow light to pass through.

Customise your coach & bus wrap to suit commercial advertising and offer plenty of flexibility compared to a simple paint job. 

Due to the enormous surface area of the coach or bus, which offers the most advertising space, you can turn this large vehicle into a moving billboard.

People eating in cafés and outdoor seating areas along the bus or coach route will see it, and even people rushing to reach their destination will find it hard to miss.

When you see a bus or coach wrap, this will reach everyone in sight without targeting a particular demographic. 

If you design your advertisement for wide-reaching and want to target as many people or customers as possible, opting for bus and coach wrap can seamlessly offer just that.

Types of bus and coach wraps

As coaches & buses offer such a large surface area, deciding whether to use a custom or partial bus wrap depends heavily on your design and goals. 

A bus or coach can be wrapped in many ways, including internally and externally.

Partial wraps

If you opt for a partial wrap, you can wrap only one side of the bus. For example, place a decal on the mega rear. 

The rear is a crucial area for coach and bus advertisements, which aim to target more drivers than pedestrians. Remember, you can also opt for smaller decals, individual images, and lettering can be great options.

Full bus wraps

Exterior adverts or full wraps are the best way to make your image or advertisement stand out. Full wraps generally carry vibrant colours and cover the coach or bus bumper-to-bumper. 

Generally, a full bus wrap design is made of perforated vinyl to ensure passengers can still see out. This is the ideal solution to advertising your brand with a big, bold message so many can see from afar.

Interior bus wraps

Not only do buses present an excellent advertising opportunity on their exterior, but there are often opportunities for interior wraps and graphics to further your brand awareness or campaign message.

Interior surfaces include ceilings, desks, seatbacks, internal walls, and stairwells. The opportunities are endless. 

Whether you want to get your logo and phone number out there with a classic coach design or a full-scale bus takeover, our expert in-house design team can make it happen.

How are coach and bus wraps installed?

The first step before your coach or bus wrap is installed is that the vehicle is professionally cleaned to ensure the removal of any dirt or gunk. 

This professional cleaning ensures the decal has a smooth surface to stick to and offers a pristine surface ready for application.

When installing the panels, each is applied individually, and our professional team will carefully line up and install the design with incredible accuracy and precision.

Once completed, the installer will conduct a final inspection to confirm everything is covered and ensure the bus wrap is finalised before it hits the road.

Can wrap damage the bus?

Thankfully, wrapping can’t damage a bus or coach. Once installed, it may protect it from the harsh elements and potential scuffs and scratches.

The vehicle’s condition before installation also needs to be considered. For example, if the bus or coach has any of the following issues, this may cause problems after removal.

Scratches and dents- If the vehicle has scratches and dents, this can cause peeling and make it problematic for the wrap to adhere smoothly.

Fresh paint- If the bus or coach recently had a new paint job, it needs some time to settle onto the vehicle, so we’d recommend leaving it for a few weeks.

At the WRPD Group Ltd, we have expert technicians who can easily remove any vinyl that has been fitted when the vehicle is due for an upgrade or refresh, unlike a costly workshop re-spray.

Vehicle wrapping offers the excellent flexibility you won’t get with traditional painting or signwriting.

Bus and coach wrap design

When considering bus and coach wrap design, some factors to consider are how the wrap looks when the doors are open and how readable it is for your audience at high speeds. 

On buses and coaches, they have windows and doors open and close. They also carry components that must legally be left untouched and must be factored into your design.

When thinking about your design, be bold and aim for bright colours to make your wrap stand out more than other designs. This style is what grabs the attention of many.

When designing, this needs to look good in every situation and ensure it doesn’t create any unpleasant imagery when someone opens a window.

At WRPD, we offer a bespoke design service to work alongside you and your large vehicle. 

We have an incredible in-house, large-format print capacity and can offer our expertise services, which make us the area’s number one choice for large-scale vehicle wraps.

Coach and bus wrap cost

A critical factor that may come to mind is the cost of wrapping your coach or bus. 

The true answer is that the total cost will depend on the size and shape of your coach or bus combined with your goals and advertising requirements.

We’ve experienced countless bus and coach wrap projects, including airport transfer coaches and bus wraps. 

We have an exceptional portfolio of wrapping projects, including colourful change wraps and entirely digitally printed wraps. 

Whatever style you want, our professional in-house design team can achieve it. The team will ensure the graphics you intend to use are of the highest quality.

They offer their dedication, years of training, and experience to ensure your coach or bus makes a significant impact, regardless of your target audience.

Suppose you want to use our brand and design services for your business or a short-term marketing campaign. Contact us to request a quote, and we’ll discuss your needs and create a bespoke vinyl wrapping experience that suits your coach or bus wrapping requirements.