All you need to know about boat wrapping

Vinyl vehicle wraps offer lots of benefits, from protecting the original paintwork to adding photo-quality graphics, so if you spend more time in the water than on land, you might reasonably ask can you wrap a boat?

The short answer is yes you can – and we have done plenty of times before. You’ll find a page dedicated to boat wraps on our website, but here we’re going to go into a few more details about some of the common questions about vinyl boat wrapping.

Why choose vinyl boat wraps?

Vinyl boat wraps can be faster and more economical than having a vessel’s hull and topsides repainted, and offer a high-quality smooth surface with a vivid colour, pattern or printed design – and they can be removed when you no longer want that appearance.

How will it look?

Like other vehicle wraps, we can add text and graphics to create the look you need, whether that’s a ‘vanity’ wrap, a colour change, adding the vessel’s name, company logos or sponsorship decals for racing yachts and speedboats.

Can I use a vinyl car wrap on a boat?

Different materials are better suited to different vinyl vehicle wraps, so we would recommend consulting VWC, as we will always make sure to use the correct materials for a vinyl boat wrap, taking into account the extra exposure to water and potentially to salt for ocean-going vessels.

A boat enjoying the finishing touches of the wrapping process.

How much does it cost to wrap a boat?

It depends on the size of the vessel but generally speaking, the savings compared with a paint job increase for bigger boats – anywhere from around a third to two thirds or more of the total cost.

How long does it take to wrap a boat?

Again for obvious reasons, bigger boats take longer to wrap, but our expert team will always do our best to complete your vessel promptly while maintaining the highest standards – and it is usually significantly faster than a new paint job.

Can you wrap below the water line?

Vinyl hull wraps and vinyl keel wraps can be used below the water line but equally we can install boat wraps only on the visible part of the hull above the water line – just ask VWC and we can help you decide on the best option.

How do I care for a boat wrap?

Boat wrap maintenance is similar to car wrap maintenance – avoid prolonged exposure to harmful substances and ensure that if you have your boat professionally cleaned, they use a wax suitable for vinyl.

How long does a vinyl boat wrap last?

Follow the basic boat wrap maintenance instructions and avoid direct damage, for example scraping along a harbour wall or mooring point, and modern boat wrap materials can last up to 5-7 years or even longer.

Can you unwrap a boat?

Yes you can! Vinyl hull wraps can be removed without leaving discolouration or adhesive residue behind, and this will usually restore the original paintwork as it appeared when it was covered over.

A beautiful speedboat undergoing wrapping.