Boat wraps.

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre we have the experience and creativity to wrap a whole range of vehicles.

Although we commonly wrap commercial and private land vehicles at both our Leeds and Manchester wrapping centres, we can also wrap commercial and private boats.

From speedboat wraps to canal boat decals and sailboat part wraps, we’re able to offer our hand at wrapping a range of water vehicles.

Our specialist vinyl wrapping team have the ability to transform your speedboat, sailboat, canal boat, or even jet ski in just a matter of days.

If you happen to be searching for a commercial boat wrap, we are also able to offer decals and wraps, designed and applied with marketing and sponsorship in mind.

Is boat wrapping better than a new paint job?

Wrapping a boat in vinyl offers a great deal of advantages over a new paint job, much like any other vehicle.

Not only is the application quick and painless, but if for any reason the boat is to be sold on, the wrapping can be quickly removed ready for the new owner — without affecting its resale value.

This also means that when the vinyl is applied, the body of the boat is protected from day-to-day wear and tear, as well as other scuffs and scratches that can occur.

Depending on the daily activity of your boat, and how well it is looked after, a quality vinyl application can last between five to seven years. This means that more often than not, a boat vinyl wrap is more cost-efficient than a new lick of paint.

What we offer to boat owners and companies.

Whether in Leeds or Manchester, our employees and designers pride themselves in being able to offer a range of quality services to our clients including:

  • Hull wraps
  • Sponsor logos
  • Boat decals
  • Boat name graphics
  • Bow decals
  • Digitally printed wraps

For more information on the kind of service we can offer boat owners, call us on 0113 252 0234 or visit the contact page below.