The Vehicle Wrapping Centre announces new services

A range of new services announced by The Vehicle Wrapping Centre mean that drivers now have options for high visibility in difficult conditions, as well as the option to add graphics to horseboxes of all sizes.

The Vehicle Wrapping Centre has announced fluorescent and reflective vehicle wraps, plus professional vehicle wrapping for horseboxes of all brands, including the main manufacturers.

Fluorescent and reflective vinyl wraps

Fluorescent vinyl wraps serve several purposes, from making a bold statement on supercars, to more practical requirements on heavy plant working in poor visibility.

By making sure your vehicle radiates its own light in poor conditions, you increase its potential working hours, including at night, during heavy rain and fog, while decreasing the risk of an accident.

Although originally designed to cope with the challenges of working vehicles, fluorescent vehicle wraps have also found favour among owners of supercars, as they can give the bodywork an even more eye-catching ‘glow’ of its own.

Reflective vehicle wraps are a specialist option that should only be used where appropriate to ensure that a vehicle can be seen more easily in direct light, such as when headlights fall on its reflective vinyl wrap.

Although they have very specific intended applications, reflective vehicle wraps are a familiar sight to all motorists, as they are used on everything from emergency services vehicles – notably ambulances – to highways maintenance trucks and other roadworks support vehicles.

The highly reflective surface not only improves visibility of the vehicle; it also helps to identify it immediately as a source of help or as a fast response vehicle, so that other drivers know to give it more space or to move out of its way.

Horsebox Wrapping

The large size of a horsebox – especially one of the very large trailers designed for multiple horses – is not a problem when it comes to vinyl wrapping, and at VWC we can accommodate horseboxes up to at least 26,000 kg at both our Leeds and Manchester centres.

We work on other large vehicles too, for example buses and lorries, and the larger side panels provide the perfect opportunity to really make the most of what vehicle wraps have to offer in terms of colour, pattern or design.

Our portfolio includes examples of work done on all of the major brands of horsebox manufacturer, including Sovereign, Solitaire, Alexanders, Equihunter and Bloomfields, and no trailer is too large or small for us to offer a quote for horsebox wrapping.

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