Fluorescent and Reflective

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre we are proud to offer a wide array of different types of wrap.

From matte to carbon fibre effects, we aim to cater to the whims and needs of all our clients.

With this very special fact in mind we also offer a wide range of fluorescent and reflective vehicle wraps for both commercial and private vehicles.

Fluorescent truck wrapping

That said however, the vast majority of time it is trucks and fleets that require special reflective or fluorescent wraps and decals.

Fluorescent vinyl means that vans and trucks can be seen in difficult conditions including during twilight hours and poor visibility.

Like our other vinyl wraps, fluorescent wraps can last up to seven years when properly looked after.

Fleet wrapping

Here at the Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we are more than happy to serve a fleet of vehicles for companies across the country.

From the largest trucks to the smallest vans, we have serviced a great range of fleets from a variety of backgrounds and can cater to just about any commercial fleet.

Reflective vinyl wrapping

Aside from fluorescent wrapping, we can also offer reflective vinyl wrapping, which is the same kind that emergency services use throughout the UK.

Our reflective vinyl wraps offer flexible, creative, and highly visible reflection during dark conditions and can be seen from more than 500 metres away.

This means that visibility is greatly increased during times of difficult visibility including during foggy and rainy periods.

We can also offer the application of reflective vinyl to both trucks and vans.

Contact us about fluorescent and reflective vinyl wrapping

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