Why vehicle branding is a must have in 2017

We’ve all seen vehicle branding on the roads, whether it’s a full-body vehicle wrap or a single section or side panel, yet many business owners still drive around in vehicles with no branding visible – so why get left behind by your larger competitors?

It’s often the big businesses that invest in vehicle branding, to make their fleet look more professional, to raise brand awareness, and generally to give their company a clear presence while out and about on the roads.

But even for a small firm, vehicle wrapping should not break the bank, and it gives you a way to compete for awareness in one of the most public environments, with a level playing field.


Just like the larger firms, a professional vinyl vehicle wrap gives your car or van a branded look and feel, easily putting it in your company colours without the need for a messy and lengthy wet paint job.

It can also allow you to add a phone number or website address that will be easy to see for passers-by, whether on foot or in their own vehicle, and regardless of whether your van is on the move or parked up on the road at a job.

Printed vehicle wraps can even allow for intricate designs – allowing you to display a QR code, for instance, that pedestrians and passengers can scan with their smartphone to be directed straight to your website or contact page.

Investment once and for all


Unlike most forms of marketing, where you might have to pay a monthly fee for advertising space, vehicle branding is an investment you can make just once and benefit from it over the long term.

Modern vehicle vinyl wraps are highly durable and easy to clean – not to mention being more forgiving to accumulated dirt than a plain white van. No more sarcastic ‘clean me’ messages written by pedestrians’ fingertips.

Just an occasional rinse will be enough to keep your branding clearly visible, and you can add a coat of wax periodically too to give extra protection to the vinyl surface if you wish.


When your contact details change or you rebrand, you don’t face being stuck with a permanent paint job either – you can just peel off the vinyl wrap to reveal the original paintwork underneath, and either return to plain paint or have a new wrap put on instead.

The potential returns on investment are huge for many small businesses, especially if your vehicle is regularly out on the roads and you have found it difficult to raise your brand awareness through other methods.

It really should be common practice to get every business vehicle branded in this way – even if you only have one car or van that you use for work, it is still your ‘fleet’ in principle, and vehicle branding still helps to raise your visibility on the roads.

By making vehicle branding a first priority – alongside other standards like getting business cards and letterheads – you can start building awareness from day one, and reap the benefits of getting your company name out there over time.