Fleet Branding & Wrapping: Why it Matters to Hauliers


Through the years, fleet branding has become increasingly popular. Driving is a time when people provide their full attention, meaning potential customers can be drawn in by branding on any kind of vehicle.

Fleet branding presents an excellent opportunity to advertise to a broader audience and convert more viewers into customers. This approach targets local customers and delivers high-impact advertising for your business.

Even if the customer who sees your fleet doesn’t need your service right now, they may still remember your brand logo, colours, and name, leading them to consider your services in the future.

What is fleet branding?

Fleeting branding involves applying consistent branding to a fleet of vehicles to increase visibility among customers.

The visual identification of a brand can promote a business through a combination of logos, colours, and graphics, creating a recognisable appearance across multiple vehicles in the fleet.

Vehicle fleet branding is a powerful marketing tool that increases visibility on the road and increases consumer awareness.

Whether it’s a delivery company, service provider, or any business with multiple vehicles on the road, this transforms the fleet into a moving advertisement, visible to numerous people wherever the vehicle travels.

This method is not only cost-effective but a highly worthwhile investment.

What does fleet branding look like?

Branding can be applied in many different forms, such as your company logo and colours that would suit your brand. Think about how it may look when applied to your fleet.

Here are some examples of fleet branding!

Truck, lorry, and wraps

This branding method applies vinyl wraps or graphics to the vehicle exterior, offering the flexibility to cover either specific areas or the entire vehicle, even with the largest trucks.


Short and impactful messages related to your company’s services or products can enhance brand messaging, making your brand memorable.

Logo and brand colour design

When choosing your fleet branding design, it’s essential to display the company logo and brand colours on all vehicles. This not only ensures effortless recognition, but also establishes a consistent fleet appearance.

Contact details

Including details in fleet branding design is crucial as it makes it easier for potential customers to reach out and contact your company.


Consistency plays a pivotal role in branding design. When a cohesive design is consistently printed across all vehicles, it reinforces the brand’s identity, making it easily identifiable.

Benefits of branding for hauliers

Branding on lorries is a great way to get your brand out to the local area or other areas you may drive through. Some of the clear benefits include:

Professional image

Consistent fleet branding creates a sense of professionalism and trust in your company and services. Brand recognition

What’s more, fleet-wide branding supports your company identity with potential customers and provides you with strong brand recognition.

Cost-effective advertising

Other advertising methods can result in paying for advertisements consistently. In contrast, once you’ve paid for your fleet branding, it provides long-term and cost-effective brand exposure to save you money in the long run.

Increased visibility

The use of colour attracts attention from walkers, drivers, and anyone nearby, making your brand visible to a wider audience.

Fleet branding is a mobile advertising strategy that provides a lasting impression on potential customers wherever the fleet goes. It can even protect the bodywork of your vehicles, so they aren’t damaged by frequent driving. 

At The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we have a specialised team of fleet wrap branding specialists to assist you with your bespoke colours and design.

How long does it take to brand and wrap a lorry?

When looking into fleet branding, you may wonder how long it takes. The answer heavily depends on the size of the wrap. The bigger the wrap, the longer it will take.

For example, a partial wrap will take less time than wrapping a whole vehicle, as there is more surface area to cover during installation.

Does The Vehicle Wrapping Company offer branding design services?

At the Vehicle Wrapping Company, we specialise in vehicle branding and have become the first choice for fleet graphics and vehicle wraps.

We offer bespoke branding design services and will provide you with expert advice to help make the most out of your branded advertisement. We have worked with many local clients and have produced well-known fleet designs you would recognise!

We cater to all vehicle types ranging from smart cars to HGV trucks, and our dedicated team provides a range of design services. Choose from logo design and brand creation to full vehicle wrap designs.

Contact us today for your design consultation.  

Does The Vehicle Wrapping Company offer finance packages?

At The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we’re proud to offer our customers flexible finance options on all our services, and we aim to put you, our customer, first with a tailored payment plan which is suitable for your requirements.

We have finance partners available to arrange the best car wrapping finance package for you, including competitive rates and flexible terms. 

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