Everything you need to know about calliper painting

Invest in your callipers today

Calliper brake painting is a fantastic way of personalising and adding colour to your vehicle’s appearance. By simply adding a hint of colour, you can give your callipers a fresh and unique look to make them stand out.

Over time, your car’s brake callipers can become rusty. When this happens, your formerly silver calliper loses its sheen and appears tarnished and patchy. Not only does painting the brake callipers make your car look eye-catching, but it also has the potential to increase the value of your vehicle.

What are brake callipers?

If you’re new to the world of car customisation, you may not be familiar with the process of customising your brake callipers and the impact it can have on the aesthetic of your vehicle.

Brake callipers are an integral part of the disc brake system which most cars have on their front brakes. The calliper is fitted onto the wheel’s rotor and within each calliper are metal plates, known as the vehicle’s brake pads. Once you push, this brake fluid creates pressure on the pistons, forces the pads against the brake rotor, and slows your car down by stopping the wheel from turning.

The callipers are easily visible when looking at your wheels, so when customised, they stand out and give your car a sharp aesthetic.

Top tips for choosing the right calliper paint colour

When it comes to choosing a colour for your calliper paint, there are no set rules. It’s a personal decision that can be customised to suit your unique preferences.

While white compliments most colours, if you want your brake callipers to demand attention, you might consider opting for a vibrant colour like green or red. If you can’t decide on a colour or need help, contact us for expert advice. 

What is the professional process for painting callipers?

The professional process from the Vehicle Wrapping Company begins with a bespoke design of your choice, followed by a stringent procedure to take your vehicle to the next level.

  • To begin, we will wash your vehicle. If your booking is focused on just calliper painting, we may only focus on this specific area.
  • Once cleaned to a high standard, your vehicle is lifted using our ramp, and we will remove your alloy wheels.
  • Callipers are then degreased, wire brushed to remove rust and thoroughly cleaned to prepare the calliper for its new colour.
  • Throughout the process, we protect the area around the brake calliper using protective paper to prevent overspray on the brake discs and inner wheel arch.
  • We then spray the base coat of your chosen colour and allow this to touch dry. Followed by a second coat and again touch dry.
  • Following this, we apply a clear coat of gloss or satin lacquer (your choice!) After 24 hours of drying time, masking is removed to reveal the new finish. Once this is done, our team performs quality checks to ensure your callipers meet our high-quality standards.

Finally, we add custom or Manufacturers Decals, reinstate the wheels, lower the vehicle, and have the wheel nuts torques up to the manufacturer’s specifications. You can now collect your vehicle and get ready to make a striking impression with your freshly painted callipers.

How to take care of painted brake callipers

After you have transformed your brake callipers, it is important to maintain their fresh new look and ensure they are still in perfect working order.

Begin by checking that your callipers are still clean and review the pistons and slides. Regular car washes are also a good idea to help prevent corrosive substances from building up.

For effective maintenance of your brake callipers, we recommend using a combination of water and soap, using brushes to help get rid of everyday dirt buildup.

Alternatively, using brake cleaner can provide more robust results, particularly for stubborn residue, while helping to prevent a buildup of grease and grime.

How often you clean your callipers can vary based on multiple factors, such as weather conditions and dirt-prone environments like cities or off-road terrains with mud. A good rule is to perform proper maintenance once a year or every 12,000 miles.

The harsher the driving conditions, the more often your brake callipers need extra care. By spending this time on maintenance, you can ensure you are staying safe and can avoid any costly repairs. 

Can you paint callipers at home?

The short answer is yes, you can do this at home. However, the complicated process of elevating your vehicle and removing wheel nuts as well as breaker bars can get confusing and complicated.

For safety and convenience, you can avoid all the hassle of DIY projects and allow our expert team to provide you with a bespoke brake calliper look that is completed to the highest quality standard.

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Painting your callipers can infuse style and character to your wheels, setting you apart as one of the most distinctive vehicles on the road. At the Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we offer high-quality calliper painting in Leeds. Contact us today and speak with our in-house specialist design team to start your calliper painting journey.