How to care for your vehicle wrap in winter

If you’ve invested in a vinyl vehicle wrap, it’s likely that your decision was made in part because you want your vehicle to look as good as possible – and a vinyl wrap is certainly a good way to cover up the existing paintwork and create a pristine, low-maintenance new appearance for your car.

With the winter months coming up, it’s sensible to put a little more effort into that low-maintenance cleaning and care regime, just to keep everything looking as good as possible through any harsher weather conditions that come along.

Here are some of the top tips for vehicle wrap maintenance in winter, and don’t worry – most vinyl vehicle wraps need little more than a rinse off in order to get them looking at their best.

1. Rinse it, don’t mince it

First up, take care when rinsing off any surface debris. Gentle jet washing can be the way to go, but it’s important that you only spray clean water onto the vinyl.

If there are any solid contaminants like grit and sediment in your water jet, this can be akin to being hit by grit from the road surface at high speeds, so make sure you don’t subject the vinyl to this kind of collision.

2. Matt or gloss?

When choosing your cleaning products, think about whether you want a high-shine gloss finish or more of a matt effect, and choose shampoos that typically produce the desired effect.

Everything you use, from the initial wash to the final wax, can have an effect on achieving a streak-free finish or a sparkling shine, so do your research or try a few different products until you find a cleaning regime that gives you the look you like best.


3. Wash, rinse and dry

Don’t leave soapy residue on your wrap – it will increase the risk of dull streaks and could reduce the lifetime of your vinyl wrap too.

Once everything is clean, give the vehicle a final rinse so there is only fresh clean water left on it, and then if the winter weather is too cold to dry this quickly through evaporation, make sure you have plenty of microfibre cloths on hand to give the entire bodywork a hands-on drying.

4. Wax on, or wax off?

The question of whether to wax a vinyl wrap crops up time and time again. The answer is that generally, it’s up to you, but if you decide to wax, make sure you use a suitable product.

You should also be extra careful at the edges of the vinyl so that you don’t cause any premature peeling – and if only parts of the car have been wrapped, you might need a different wax for the exposed paintwork to achieve a consistent appearance.

5. Little and often

Processes like waxing are usually only needed every few months but your vinyl will stay looking great for longer if you clean it frequently and gently.

Generally speaking, at any time of year, a quick rinse and dry with a soft cloth will remove minor surface dirt without damaging the vinyl itself, so you can enjoy the full colour visuals of your vinyl wrap for longer.