Car wraps becoming money makers for owners

Car wraps are a way to make your vehicle truly unique – whether to reflect a facet of your own personality that is not normally catered for in the automotive trade, or to give your car a more saleable look in order to drive its value higher.

A full-body car wrap is one way to easily change the colour of your vehicle’s ‘paintwork’ – of course it does not use paint, but instead adheres a high-quality surface finish to the existing paintwork for a no-mess new look.

You can simply change the vehicle’s colour in this way, without going through the lengthy process of applying primer coats and using manufacturer-approved shades, and this of course also opens the door to a much larger range of colours than you might normally have available to you.

Car wrapping is an art form

Or you can opt for something more detailed, creating a pattern, individual detailing, tracing the contours of the car’s bodywork and so on.

Ultimately, it is your vehicle, and car wraps give you much greater control over the way it looks, within the limits of what is permissible under the laws of the road.

You can think of this as being similar in principle to buying a new cover or case for your smartphone, a means of giving it a new and distinctive look, and crucially a way to make sure it doesn’t just look the same as all the others.

We wrap all kinds of cars

For off-road vehicles, car wraps are a specific money maker, giving professional drivers a way to display sponsorship and advertising on their car, and generating an additional revenue stream accordingly.

But all owners could find the value of their car is enhanced on the resale market with a carefully designed and applied vehicle wrap, not to disguise any actual damage to the bodywork, but perhaps as a way to cover minor paintwork problems, or simply to refresh the appearance of a car that is several years old.

It is no surprise, then, that a large proportion of all vehicle wraps are applied to new cars – including many that are straight off of the production line, along with others that are between one and three years old.

Car wrapping gives you the ultimate choice

Rolls Royce

For owners of these vehicles, it is not about trying to disguise the age of the car, or to cover up cosmetic damage, but is simply a way to add aesthetic value that was perhaps not available direct from the manufacturer.

You want a specific colour?

No problem. A pattern, picture or design on the doors?

That’s fine too.

With a full-vehicle wrap, every surface is available as your canvas, from the bonnet to the boot, from the doors to the roof, and there are few legal limitations on what you can choose to display.

This holds the promise of higher resale values, particularly if your car is to be sold on the modified vehicle market to an enthusiast who appreciates the customisation; but it is also about adding value for your own enjoyment of your car for as long as you choose to drive it.