The best SUVs you can buy for under 30k before autumn

Now that we are very much reaching the back end of summer, there’s no better time to get out on the rough tracks and into the wilderness with a 4×4.

The good news is that around this time of the year it is also possible to pick one up for just under £30k, which is a steal for off-roading adventures.

With that in mind, here are four of the best deals:

Ford Edge

The first large Ford SUV in the UK since the Explorer, the Edge has been introduced to compete with the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

Available with two power outputs, the 207bhp option comes fitted with a six-speed duel-clutch automatic box.

A winner in terms of fuel economy for its class at 48.7mpg (on whichever engine output), the car is just shy of what both the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 achieve on paper.

The only let down is thought to be in the interior of the vehicle, which falters compared to its premium rivals. That said, the driver is offered superior views with lots of adjustment on offer.

Kia Sorento

Noted by critics for being one of the best all-round SUVs on the market for under £30k, the Sorento offers a benchmark for quality and four-wheel-drive is fitted as standard throughout the range.

Once seen as a bit of a workhorse, the Sorento has now established a firm reputation for reliability and ability to compete with premium brands.

Although not the bargain that it was once, the KX-1 and KX-2 are still good buys and make attractive company cars – if that’s what you’re after.

The only pitfall is its emissions, which are in the highest bands.

Volkswagen Tiguan

A car that drives comfort into the heart of its existence, the Volkswagen Tiguan is surprisingly practical and makes the most of every inch of available space.

A firm competitor to the BMW X1, the 2017 Tiguan offers a stable improvement from its predecessor and its four-wheel-drive 4Motion versions feature adjustable driving modes for challenging terrains.

The 2.0 TDI also offers the best engine in the entire range, with a great level of ferocity and a respectable output of Co2 emissions.

Mazda CX-5 2.2

One of the largest big SUVs on the road, the Mazda CX5 2.2 is also one of the most comfortable and makes for an excellent driving experience.

Although no more practical than the earlier model, style and a keen sense of fun has been added to the interior, offering a good sense of value for money.

It’s also been advised to avoid the 2.0 litre petrol version as it isn’t turbocharged and the critics have given it a bit of a pounding — the 148bhp 2.2 diesel is where the real power lies however.

With a great holding value the car serves as wise investment, even if it’s just for shopping or picking the kids up from school.