Best car waxes and polishes for a new wrap

If you’ve just had a shiny and bright new vehicle wrap applied, it’s natural to be wary of cleaning it – you might be worried about damaging the surface or dimming the colours, but there’s no need to be overly cautious.

The longer you leave dirt on your vehicle, the harder it’s likely to be to remove it, and it’s when you have to start using abrasives and scrubbing that you run the greater risk of causing damage.

Instead, use plenty of water to rinse off loose dirt, a squeegee or cloth to dry the surface, and a coat of good-quality wax or polish to protect it for the future, just as you would with the original paintwork.

1. Meguiar’s NXT Generation Car Wash

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Car Wash is a synthetic formulation to loosen grime while coating it in a lubricating oil that allows it to slide off of the vehicle’s surface.

It’s suitable for all paint finishes, and gentle enough to be used on vehicle wraps too without damaging the surface or dulling the colours.

Remember to use a sponge or soft cloth – nothing hard or abrasive, and no stiff bristles – and the great news is, NXT Generation can be used over an existing wax finish.

2. Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Car Wash

Another option from the Meguiar’s brand is Deep Crystal, a sudsy car wash solution that will give you the satisfaction of a good number of soap bubbles to hose down.

Its foamy formulation loosens dirt without harmful detergents, so there’s no risk to your vehicle wrap, and again it can be used over a wax finish.

3. Turtle Wax Ice

As one of the biggest names in vehicle wax, it’s little surprise that Turtle Wax have a product family that’s suitable for periodically protecting your vinyl wrap.

Turtle Wax Ice should be safe for use every few months or more frequently if you wish, to restore the protective layer over your wrap and make more regular polishing easier too.

Remember to be careful along the edges, seams and joins, to gently remove any excess wax and avoid build-up in those areas, and you should have a great-looking finish for a long time to come.

Treatment Tips

Remember, different surfaces require different treatments, so if only part of your vehicle is wrapped, you should make sure you use suitable wax or polish for the vinyl, and for the original exposed paintwork too.