Top security tips for sports cars

Buying a sports car is more than just buying a way to get from A to B. It’s a status symbol and, for many people, a work of art. In some cases, you may not intend to drive it often at all.

So it’s only reasonable to want to protect your investment in every way possible. Most sports car owners are likely to have a garage, but only the very rich have space for several cars at a time.

Here are five of the best ways to keep sports cars secure, no matter where they are parked:

1. Stay off the road

If you can dedicate some space to your sports car collection – whether it’s one vehicle or many – then getting them off the road is a good way to stay secure, and your insurers will reward you with lower premiums too.

A secure showroom, locked garage or secure parking behind an unbroken fence can all put a physical barrier between your car and any would-be thieves.

Remember too that not all intruders are looking to steal your pride and joy – some just want to cause malicious damage – so the more secure your storage space, the better.

2. Steering locks

 Jaguar F Type SVR

Steering locks are still an effective way to prevent anyone from being able to drive your vehicle away, and the risk of causing any damage to the car is very low.

There are alternatives too – you might consider a wheel clamp, for instance, but this has a higher risk of scratching the paintwork around the wheel or the alloy itself.

Vehicles fitted with immobilisers are another option when it comes to physically preventing the car from being driven away.

3. Tracking devices

Tracking devices are a mature technology now, and it’s easy to have one installed discreetly on your vehicle; some manufacturers will even inform you if the car moves at an unusual time or to an unusual place.

Although this doesn’t prevent the vehicle from being taken in the first instance, it’s a last resort way to find out where it has gone, improving your chances of getting it back or finding the culprits.

4. In plain sight

If you must take your car somewhere that you have less control over its security, then keep it where it can easily be seen – this increases the number of people who will notice it, but decreases the chance of anyone trying to take it.

Park under a street lamp in case you don’t return until after dark, and try to park within line of sight of the building you will be in; if this is impossible, parking closer to a busy thoroughfare should reduce the chance of intruders interfering with your vehicle unseen.

5. Be vigilant

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

Responsibility for the security of your vehicle begins and ends with you, so don’t allow it to be taken because you made a mistake.

Make sure it is locked properly – and check the central locking has engaged, if you trigger it remotely.

Check the boot is closed and locked too, and that any electric windows are fully rolled up; on convertibles, close the roof when leaving the vehicle, and make sure it is fully locked into position as well.