Audi Q8: Our review

The all-new Audi Q8 SUV, the flagship model in the Q range, is due for a summer 2018 release date in the UK, which means it should appear on the roads anytime now.

But what can you expect to see in the new Audi Q8 SUV? Here’s our review of some of the most eye-catching features from this new flagship model as its UK release date approaches.

Vital statistics

There are some numbers that drivers always want to know about a new car, and the Audi Q8 has some pretty competitive vital statistics for an SUV.

Its six-cylinder 3.0 TDI engine delivers 286 PS, with a top speed of 144 mph and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 6.3 seconds.

Ground clearance is a fraction over 25 cm, while the vehicle as a whole measures nearly five metres long, two metres wide and 1.7 metres high.

Coupe profile

The coupe roof on the Q8 gives it a lower and squatter profile than its predecessor the Q7, shaving 66 mm from its total height and adding 27 mm to the width.

With 21-inch alloy wheels (22-inch on the Vorsprung high-end spec) and a short rear overhang, this adds up to an SUV that looks ready to take on the most challenging of roads and weather conditions.

Audi Q8 at play

Quattro forever

It’s not just the profile and those chunky tyres that help with the handling – this is an Audi, and that means Quattro technology.

The Q8 features four-wheel drive Quattro for superior handling on rough roads, and borrows other design features from the original Audi Quattro too, such as the light strip and high-gloss black panel between the rear light clusters.

Light it up

Dynamic LED turn signals are just the start of the Audi Q8 light show, which also promises to put on quite a display when locking and unlocking the vehicle.

You can even control various light displays and patterns using the companion smartphone app – not only a neat gimmick, but also a useful way to test that all the lights are functioning without a second person to take a look for you.

Interior of new AudiQ8

Inner sanctum

Finally in the interior, Audi have designed the space for a calmer driving experience, with features like the smooth wraparound dash that spans between the front pillars and incorporates the instrument panels.

Small details finish the Q8 to a high standard, including a black touch-sensitive control panel for the interior light, and a laser-etched Quattro logo over the glove compartment that glows from a backlight at night.

So… what’s the Audi Q8 price going to be?

As always, the Audi Q8 price seems to be the last thing to be made public, with the Audi website still frustratingly listing it as £TBC as of early July.

The Q7 currently starts from £51,425 and there’s a step-up of around £12,000 between the Q3, Q5 and Q7, so you might expect a starting price of around £63,500 – we’ve seen £65,000 suggested in some reviews, and of course the high-spec Vorsprung edition will cost considerably more when it goes on release too.

Audi Q8 on the road