Advantages of having tinted windows in your car

Tinted windows are an easy modification to any vehicle thanks to the availability of tinted window films, which can slightly darken the glass by reducing the amount of sunlight that passes through from outside.

It’s important to get tinted window film professionally installed, as there are legal limits on how dark your windows can be, especially at the front of the vehicle where the driver’s visibility might be affected.

But there are plenty of good options to work around this too, for example the rear windows can be tinted much more, and it’s common to have a darker or coloured sunlight ‘visor’ strip across the top of the front windscreen.

Here are five good reasons to have tinted windows in a car, which prove this is much more than just a fashionable fad…

1. Keep cool

Tinted windows don’t just block out light, they also reduce the heat coming into the vehicle by blocking out infrared radiation.

It’s a great way to keep the vehicle cooler in the summer, especially in the back of the car where the window tints can be darker – and it means less reliance on your air conditioning, which saves a little energy too.

2. Keep safe

Family driving in sunlight

If you’re a frequent driver, hours spent with sunlight beaming directly onto you through the windscreen can expose you to much higher levels of ultraviolet radiation.

Window tints serve a very important purpose by reducing the levels of UV coming through the glass, which means your skin is exposed to less of this potentially harmful light.

3. Keep hidden

Tinted windows might not be completely blacked out, but they still add an extra layer of privacy and security by making it harder to see into your vehicle from outside at a glance.

Of course, there are vehicle window films that ARE able to fully block out the window, which might be a legal option if you want to make the rear of your vehicle more secure – especially for rear side windows on vans, for example.

4. Keep colour

Car upholstery

Remember that even when you’re not in your vehicle, if it’s parked outside its interior is still exposed to the sunlight, and over time this can bleach out the colours in the upholstery, leaving it looking faded.

By installing window tint films throughout your car, you cut out the wavelengths and the highest intensity of the brightest days – and that means the fabrics inside your vehicle should retain their original colouring and vibrancy for much longer.

5. Keep it together

Last but not least, window glass tinted films are installed as an adhesive layer, and this has the added advantage of effectively turning the windscreen into safety glass.

That’s because if you are involved in an accident or a thief smashes a window on your vehicle, the sticky film layer helps to hold any broken shards and sharp fragments together, making it much harder to break into your vehicle and much less likely that you will suffer from significant cuts during a collision.

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