What your car says about you

They always say that certain types of drivers will buy certain models or makes of car. Whether you prefer a convertible or a 4X4, it is often said that the car you drive reflects your personality.

But is this true, does a car really reflect the kind of person that drives it?
Let’s take a look at a few of the more well-known brands to see what they might say about the people who own and drive them:


Audi S3

A brand that was once deemed only for the middle classes, an Audi is now the car of choice for those in their twenties wanting beautiful interiors, responsive engines, and great reputations.

The Audi TT is undeniably one of the most popular cars on the road and is often driven by sports loving people who work in offices and have attained managerial positions.


BMW X3 - Gloss Metallic Black 3m1080-G212

Once a car for people in their twenties, BMW is now viewed as a car for those in their thirties and from a middle-class background.

This might be particularly true if you happen to own a BMW Z4, as research conducted by Admiral found that drivers of the model tend to enjoy cycling, DIY, and have only a 17 per cent chance of speeding.

They also enjoy Top Gear.


Mercedes CLA 3

A brand that has perhaps fallen out of favour in the past few years, since the recent announcement of the Mercedes X-Class however, the brand has edged ever so slightly back into the arena of cool.

Mercedes has long been favoured by the wealthy and those in power, and one parked in your drive can certainly add a few points to your neighbourhood credibility.

That said, according to etiquette expert William Hanson, the A-Class in particular is “driven by middle aged housewives who ‘pop’ to buy groceries”, so there’s also that to think about.

Range Rover


As discussed in our last blog, Range Rovers are the go-to cars for Premiership footballers and are a must have for youngsters looking to show off.

With interiors designed by Victoria Beckham, Range Rovers offer luxury and power at a suitable price, making them popular for those in middle management positions.

Despite the country’s love for the brand, they are often seen (perhaps unfairly) as oversized child delivery units by some.


Allegedly the brand that provides the safest cars on the road, Volvo’s are often seen to be bought by teachers and individuals who enjoy reading The Guardian.

There might be some truth to the latter statement, as recently the brand announced that it would only produce electric or hybrid vehicles by 2019.

But for those who are worried about being boorish, it’s worth remembering that the Volvo is a family brand that can still pack a punch when it comes to the get go.

Also, Avril Lavigne and Zlatan Ibrahimović are two celebrities who drive them.