Why car wrapping beats a new paint job every time

Car wrapping is an easy, fast and clean way to restore your paintwork to its gleaming best, without any of the fuss of a wet paint job – and as we’ll see below, there are good reasons to consider a vehicle wrap even on brand new paintwork.

So why is a vehicle wrap preferable to a fresh coat of wet paint in so many circumstances? Here are just a few of the reasons.

Cheap car wrapping saves money

Vehicle wrapping centres are able to pass on the cost benefits of cheap car wrapping to customers, which means you don’t have to spend as much to get your bodywork looking as good as new.

Naturally the saving depends on how complex the wrap is – for instance, if you want a pattern or design, it can be significantly cheaper to have it printed on to vinyl than it is to have it painted directly on to your vehicle to a high standard.

Combined with the other benefits we’ll see below though, the cost of a car wrap compared to achieving the same finish with wet paint is always a smart investment.

Patterned car wraps are easier

The more complicated the design, the harder it is to paint. But with patterned car wraps, if you can print it, you can ‘paint’ it without any extra effort.

No need for stencils, different colours of wet paint or difficult blends – it’s just as easy to affix a patterned wrap as it is a plain one, and always much easier than paint.

Car wraps are cleaner

You don’t have to worry about masking off the parts of your car that you don’t want to paint, such as bumpers and edge details – you just don’t wrap those parts.

When you get a vehicle wrap professionally installed, this leaves you with a clean, crisp and dry edge immediately, so that you can drive your car away faster without the worry of dirt sticking to any still-wet paintwork.

Vehicle wraps last a long time 

A professionally installed vehicle wrap to a high standard can last for years without visibly fading, and all you need to do to maintain it is keep it clean and occasionally add a suitable wax.

Providing your pre-existing paintwork is in good physical condition – and is not heavily scratched or severely peeling off – a vehicle wrap can usually be applied directly over it and immediately hide any sins. 

Car wraps can protect paint

You read that right – although we often think of car wraps as a way to restore faded paintwork, they can actually protect new paint, such as on brand new vehicles, by acting as a physical barrier against damage.

The wrap shows its own colour or pattern on the outside, but also prevents minor scratches and chips to the paintwork underneath, so when you want to, you can simply remove the vinyl vehicle wrap and restore the vehicle to its original factory colour.