Best presents for your car this Christmas

If your car feels like a valued member of the family, why not buy it a Christmas present too? It’s actually likely to thank you in its own way, by giving you a more comfortable, reliable or stylish ride during the coming winter months.

Here are a few ideas of things you might want to get for your car this Christmas – or that you might want to give to the petrolhead in your life to spruce up their own motor.

1. Air fresheners

Wet, muddy boots can trek all kinds of smells into your car, so invest in a new air freshener, even if you go for the basic ‘Christmas tree’ style pine scent.

If you want something a bit more indulgent, look for vent clips that use the circulating air from your heaters to release their aroma – you can even get leather-scented fresheners for that new car sensation.

2. Heated seat covers

A basic heated car seat cover doesn’t have to cost a lot and can run from the cigarette lighter socket to stay warm however long your journey may be.

You can even get heated seat covers that you can take out of the car and into the office to run from AC mains – so no more cold chairs when you get to work!

3. New floor mats/hub caps

If your floor mats or hub caps are dirty, scuffed and generally worn out, consider buying a new set to put on your car; the same goes for other accessories like wiper blades, headlight covers and so on.

They can seem like very small parts to replace and although in many cases doing so is non-essential, if you replace a couple of these little things each year, your vehicle will stay feeling more well-maintained over the long term, while brighter headlights and indicators can actually be important for winter safety.

4. Vehicle wraps

Of course we think a shiny new vehicle wrap is the perfect Christmas present for a much-loved car, whether it’s a family runaround or a solo sports car.

But don’t forget there’s also Xpel paint protection film for your front end or full vehicle; this still gives a physical barrier against road grit and salt kicked up from icy roads, but doesn’t change the appearance of your car, making it a subtle but sensible investment for the winter months.

5. Satnav systems

Many drivers rely on a satnav system to get from A to B, but is yours up to scratch? Out of date maps can leave you lost in brand new one-way systems or arriving at roundabouts you never knew existed, or worse, can have you driving down the slip road on to the wrong side of a newly dualled carriageway.

If your satnav system is a few years old and hasn’t been updated, see if new maps are available or better yet, spend the extra to get a brand new satnav – the display will probably be bigger, brighter and better at showing the route, helping you to make those long-distance trips to visit friends and family these holidays.