Interior car modifications that are easy to make

One of the easiest ways to change the exterior appearance of your car is with a vinyl vehicle wrap – but why stop there when you can give it a matching new look on the inside too?

Here’s our pick of some of the best interior car modifications that are easy to make, but can have a big impact on how your vehicle looks for you and your passengers.

1. Paint the plastic

Plastic parts can be removed, cleaned of any grease and dirt, and then painted to make them more colourful or to change a gloss finish for a matt one.

Give the surface some careful preparation – clean it, repair minor damage and make sure you ‘key’ the surface to encourage paint adhesion.

A spray primer coat followed by a topcoat of car spraypaint should do the trick, finished with matt or gloss lacquer to protect the new paint for the future.

2. Reupholster the seats

A slightly more involved process but one of the biggest impacts on appearance is to reupholster the seats in your car.

This is a car interior modification that is often best left to the experts, unless you’re confident in upholstering the awkward shapes of some car seats.

You might want to consider getting a second set of seats from a scrap car of the same make and model as your own – these can be upholstered and swapped into your vehicle quickly, reducing the disruption as long as you have somewhere to store the original seats.

3. Tinted window film

Your windows are the place where your car’s interior meets the outside world, so consider getting tinted window film installed for privacy and/or climate control.

Professional tinted window film installation services like those we offer at the Vehicle Wrapping Centre make sure you stay within the legal limits on visibility.

At the same time, tinted windows can stop passers-by from peering into the back of your car, reduce glare from the road surface and the sun overhead, and keep the temperature more comfortable on sunny days – and they look great with a sleek colour scheme too!

4. Dashboard and trim

The dashboard and interior trim are where many of the most visible design accents – both subtle and obvious – can be found.

Colouring, covering and otherwise altering these can vary depending on exactly which part you are working on, but it’s all worth considering.

Some of the easiest options are direct substitutions – so think about swapping out your dashboard gauges or even your steering wheel for one that gives you the look you want.

5. Car mats

One of the cheapest, easiest and most popular car interior modifications – new footwell mats.

Beloved of new drivers and proud owners alike, this is an instant fix for tired, worn mats, or those that are just too dirty or muddy to come up clean again.

Get car mats for your make and model, or buy universal car mats in a style you like, and your underfoot interior will soon be back to its best.