Why your business needs a great livery design

If your business involves getting out on the road a lot – from haulage companies to couriers, tradespeople who spend a lot of time parked at the roadside on job locations, and many more professions besides – then vehicle wraps are an easy way to give your vehicle a great livery design.

Why is that important?

Well, there are lots of reasons, but it all comes down to visibility.

Business livery designs get your brand name out there and vehicle wraps can emblazon your name, logo and other graphics and text across your car, van or truck, as well as giving multiple vehicles a similar appearance in fleets.

Here are a few more reasons why a great livery design can have big benefits for the fairly small cost of having vinyl vehicle wraps added to your car, van or fleet of trucks.

1. On location


Vehicle livery obviously goes wherever your vehicle goes – and that’s important, because it means at all times you are targeting a local market, whether you’re near your home base, out at a job site, or travelling between the two.

It’s a way of reaching a highly relevant passer-by, especially if you include a local landline telephone number so anyone who sees your livery knows you are local to the area.

2. Audience size


Think about the kind of advertising you might already do – what’s the circulation of your local newspaper, or the crowd size at the nearest lower-league football club?

Compare this with advertising to every car or pedestrian you pass – not just for a week or a month, but for the entire time you keep your vehicle wrap installed, which can easily be several years with minimal maintenance.

It’s a potentially huge audience for only the initial cost of the vinyl vehicle wrap and an occasional coat of wax.

3. Fresh and clean


A vehicle wrap can hide a multitude of sins!

The paintwork underneath shouldn’t be badly chipped or flaking, but a vinyl wrap can cover faded colours, mismatched panels or even the ghosts of old livery you have since removed.

Vinyl wraps are easy to clean and maintain in good condition, and the original paintwork can be restored easily by removing the wrap, so it’s a good way to preserve pristine paintwork too.

4. Plenty of space


Depending on the type of vehicle, there might be a large amount of space suitable for displaying branding and contact information – for example on the back of a box van or similar goods vehicle.

You effectively have a mobile billboard at your disposal, and can design each side separately – pedestrian-friendly text on the near side, larger logos for the road side, and contact details on the rear for the driver behind to notice in traffic – making your vehicle an incredibly versatile space for advertising.

5. First impressions


Finally, vehicle livery just looks good.

Customers will expect to see a commercial vehicle pull up when making deliveries or arriving to carry out a job, and a bright, high-quality vehicle wrap displaying your brand name does the trick perfectly.

Across a fleet, this gives consistency even if the vehicles are different makes, models or types, while even on a single vehicle it can make you look more professional and could bag you some extra orders and repeat custom.