The vehicle wrapping Process

Before the vehicle is wrapped, or undergoes any vehicle graphics or livery, it is meticulously cleaned, using special vinyl manufacturer-approved surface preparation products. Then the vehicle is allocated to one of our teams of technicians.

The vehicle is then very carefully prepared for the vinyl application. Our trained technicians remove as many external vehicle parts as necessary to ensure that each panel can be wrapped in the very best way, enabling us to give you the best result.

Whatever your vehicle type, make or model, we have a strict process in place, that our professional technicians adhere to for all of our vehicle wrapping. This ensures an optimum finish and longevity of the wrap.

Before we can even consider thinking about wrapping a vehicle, we first need a design plan. Perhaps you fancy the carbon fibre effect wrap on your Range Rover. Maybe you want one of the standard gloss colours, just on your bonnet? Or, the exact colour of your new Adidas trainers all over your new Fiat 500, with decals on the driver and passenger door. However you want your vehicle to look, we can make it happen.

If you are a commercial customer, you might already have a branded livery, logo or vehicle graphic design in mind. You might want to keep it fairly simple; you may want some help from our in-house design teams, or you may want to wrap a fleet of cars, vans or trucks in a design relevant to your current marketing campaign. Whatever your business needs, we can provide it. We can help you to be seen, and help your brand to be recognised.

Our in-house design teams are on hand at all our centres to help you create the perfect vehicle livery or graphic design. If you already have a design we will ensure that it successfully transfers to one of our vehicle templates so it is a true reproduction. Once you are completely happy with the design, we are ready to move on to the next step.
Before the vinyl application begins, the workshop area is cleaned and heated to the optimum temperature, and then using heat, the vinyl is professionally applied by our 3M approved technicians, who have completed a two day residential course, and are all very skilled individuals with a wealth of experience.

The technicians sign the quality control sheet as they complete each section of the car or vehicle, so we keep a log of who did what and when.

Some vinyl contains small beads of adhesive, which allow it to be re positioned whilst it is being laid on the vehicle panels; when pressure is applied with the specialist tools, the beads break and the adhesive spreads. Once the vehicle has been fully wrapped, the vinyl is heated to a temperature specific for the type of vinyl being applied, which then fully activates the adhesive.

The exterior parts are then refitted to the vehicle, and it is left overnight for the vinyl to properly adhere. Finally the quality controller checks each area that has been wrapped, and countersigns the quality control sheet, before referring to the check-in form. He uses this to complete the handover form, and the vehicle is then ready for collection by the (no doubt rather excited) owner!

The printing of the vinyl is one of the most important stages in the process. In order to make sure we create the crispest, and most vibrant design wraps, we use the best imaging equipment available – the best software, the best printer and the best ink. This provides us with excellent colour reproduction and top quality results. After the vinyl pieces are printed,they are either cut to size or the various shapes are then cut out using our digital plotter.

Each Vehicle Wrapping Centre creates the perfect environment for vehicle wrapping; our wrapping rooms are kept dust free and are heated to the optimum temperature for applying a wrap, which is 18 to 22 degrees centigrade.

When you arrive at one of our centres, you will be asked to sign a check-in form. This is so you can be assured that the vehicle will be returned to you in the exact same working condition as when it arrived.

So, whether you want your personal car wrapping for a colour change or vehicle graphics, or a fleet of commercial vehicles wrapped for a vehicle livery design, we are ready. We offer a professional service that never fails to deliver.

Remember that wrapping is a cost-effective and clever advertising option, compared to traditional vehicle livery and signwriting. It also helps protect your vehicle from chips and scratches to paintwork, and can be removed when you require it to be, unlike a re-spray which is permanent.