Our wrapping process.

Before we can even consider thinking about wrapping a vehicle, we first need a plan. The chances are, you already have an idea of what you would like, so our knowledgeable team are on hand to make sure all questions are answered, ideas are discussed and areas of concern addressed before you book in for any vehicle make-over.

Whether its a full wrap, carbon fibre detailing or a partial wrap, we ask that you provide photographs of the vehicle so that there are no surprises for us or you on arrival with the vehicle.

Colour Change Wraps.

So you have booked in with us for a vehicle wrap, whats next?

Upon arrival at our workshop, you will be greeted by a member of the team who will check-in the vehicle, they will look over your vehicle, with you present, and record any damage or defects already present on the vehicle.

Before any vehicle is wrapped with us, it goes through a meticulous cleaning process by our in-house vehicle detailer, no matter the age or condition. Firstly we carry our safe wash procedure removing any dirt and contamination from your vehicles paintwork, larger parts of the vehicle may be removed prior to this wash allowing for better access to all areas we need to access. This also prevents us from bringing any unnecessary dirt into the workshop.

Once your vehicle is dry, we bring it into the workshop where it is parked in its allocated wrap bay. Your vehicle has now been assigned to one of our senior technicians who will manage the project and further strip-down any necessary external parts, labelling and storing parts as we go.

Throughout this process, our technicians are looking out for any additional damage, defects or missing parts that may or may not be present that we were not able to identify at the check-in stage. If there are any areas of concern that we feel may affect the finish of your wrap, we will bring them to your attention at this stage, you may want to utilise our vehicle detailing services at this point to correct any issues. This methodical process enables us to provide the best finish and coverage possible.

Using a series of surface cleaners, each panel is then prepared for the application of vinyl. Most vinyl manufacture has an approved surface preparation product which is designed specifically for use with their vinyl. We ensure that this surface cleaner is used as a final stage before any vinyl is laid, this also ensures that we are compliant with the manufacturer’s guarantee. 

Our highly trained and experienced team will then proceed to wrap your vehicle, most jobs are complete with a two-man team, of course, sometimes an extra set of hands are required for large parts, bumper being a good example. Luckily, our large team are always on hand to assist one another. This is a huge advantage when compared to smaller shops or one-man teams. This process not only means we can complete these areas quickly but means we also have the ability to be able properly to pre-stretch the vinyl before application, which means that your larger or more complex areas are unlikely to fail due to improper installation. We back this up with generous installation warranties tailored to the product you have selected.

Each project has a detailed paper trail with a breakdown of the vehicle parts and a record of which technician is accountable for which areas on the vehicle. This strict procedure is a proven method of ensuring the same level of quality runs throughout the team and an optimum finish and longevity for your wrap.

Once the wrap is complete any exterior parts that have been removed are then refitted to the vehicle. It is then left overnight for the vinyl to properly adhere in our temperature-controlled workshop. 

Finally, your new wrap goes through our quality control stage. Our workshop manager will assess the quality of the wrap and any areas that do not meet our standard will be addressed. After a final detail, you will be invited to collect your freshly wrapped vehicle.

PrinteD Wraps.

Like the above, printed wraps also require the same process in terms of preparation and application. Most printed wraps are exterior wraps only, so the level of coverage required isn’t that of a full-colour change wrap. Printed wraps, however, require an additional set of skills and knowledge in terms of design, production and installation.

If you are a commercial customer with a design or new business in need of full branding solutions, our in-house graphic design team are at your disposal. We offer extensive knowledge and experience in vehicle wrap design and can adapt any design you may currently have or produce something completely new to fit any vehicle type. Using our vehicle template software, we can quickly produce visuals to demonstrate how the wrap design will translate across a range of vehicles. Whatever your business needs, we can provide it. We can help you to be seen, and help your brand to be recognised.

Once you are completely happy with the design, and it has been signed off and booked in, we are ready to move on to the next step.

Your approved design will then be prepared for print, using our accurate templates, we scale up the artwork to 1:1 scale and create effectively wallpaper that covers each individual panel of the vehicle. Using the very latest in latex and solvent print technology we then select the best print format for the job. Factors that often affect this are turn around time and design complexity.

Your artwork files are then loaded onto our print software and printed with regular checks into the print quality and colour. Once the vinyl is printed it is then spun out and stored vertically in our out-gassing chamber for a minimum period of 24hrs. This process is essential to ensure the longevity of your wrap and is the process of removing the gases present in the inks laid. Insufficient out-gassing of any prints, whether latex or solvent, can result in delamination and failure further down the line.

Once the prints are fully out-gassed we laminate with either a gloss or matte over-laminate as selected by the customer. The vinyl is then cut down into the individual panels, using detailed drawings and panel layout sheets to label the prints.

This is then all boxed up and ready for installation.

So, whether you want your personal car wrapping for a colour change or vehicle graphics, or you have a fleet of commercial vehicles wrapped for a vehicle livery design, we are ready. We offer a professional service that never fails to deliver.

Remember that wrapping is a cost-effective and clever advertising option, compared to traditional vehicle livery and signwriting. It also helps protect your vehicle from chips and scratches to the paintwork, and can be removed when you require it to be, unlike a re-spray which is permanent.