COVID-19 Notice - Temporary Closure

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we have temporarily closed our wrapping facilities to protect both our staff and valued customers. We are still taking orders for new projects in the meantime so that hopefully once the current pandemic is under control we can get back to what we do best.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Van wraps

At the Vehicle Wrapping Centre we are experts at wrapping all vehicles in our 3M vinyl, and this includes vans, which simply look fantastic when they are wrapped.

Vans are a great vehicle for treating with a body wrap, as they have excellent, large surface areas just begging for either a fun effect like camouflage, some decals, or a fully customised graphic design. Whether you have one van or a whole fleet of them, we have a design team on hand to help you create the perfect image for either yourself, or your business and brand. We can cater to your needs, whatever your budget.

A van wrap by the Vehicle Wrapping Centre will instantly create a professional image, as well as giving you some high-impact vehicle advertising, which will make the most of your marketing budget. Vans are seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both when they are out on the road and when they are parked up; when they are wrapped, this means that your message or brand will be seen, instead of a blank van or a boring traditional sign-written one.

Wrapping your van will help protect it from minor damages, such as chips and scratches, as the vinyl takes the hit rather than the vehicle. If your van or fleet is out and about all day every day, this protection can be very beneficial. Your body work will remain in the same state that it was in when you had it wrapped, so you can imagine the added benefits of wrapping a brand new vehicle.

As the vinyl protects your body work, you will be in a good position if you wish to sell your van when you have the wrap removed; it will be in a much better condition than other vans of the same age and spec, and therefore far more desirable to potential buyers.

Wraps are more cost-effective than more traditional methods of livery, such as signwriting. They are temporary, so they can be removed easily by a professional when you need them to be, yet when they are on your vehicle they are very eye-catching and promote brand awareness like nothing else could.

If you are self-employed and own one van, why not get yourself recognised and stand out from the crowd? A custom wrap could provide the boost your business needs. If you have a fleet, why not get them wrapped in a bespoke yet uniform design that is going to make people more aware of your brand? Whatever your van is used for, get it seen. It is estimated that commercial vehicles are seen by 3000 people an hour. Why not try to convert a portion of those into new customers?