Vehicle Livery Design.

What is a vehicle livery?

Traditionally, vehicle livery involved paint, a paintbrush, and a very steady hand. Whilst this type of livery still exists, there is now a cheaper and less permanent option in the shape of vehicle wrapping – something we are experts in.

Our vehicle livery design service in Leeds allows you to have your car, van, truck, bus, motorbike or other vehicles expertly covered in the exact design of your choice.

Unlike paint, a vehicle wrap can be removed by us at any time. Also unlike paint, a vehicle livery design on a wrap protects your vehicle’s original paintwork from day to day chips and scratches.

Why a vehicle livery can benefit a business?

Alongside being cheaper, less permanent and more protective than traditional vehicle livery, vehicle wrapping also offers another huge benefit in that it is more flexible.

The old style livery design would have just involved your business details and perhaps a simple logo on the sides of the vehicle only, but with wrapping you have the option to use your entire vehicle for short or long term advertising campaigns.

Your vehicle can be branded, or it can be used as a mobile billboard, carrying a temporary message to potential customers other than just your name and location. With vehicle wrapping, you can create whatever design you want to, on the whole vehicle.

Our quality promise

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre we use quality 3M wrap, which is the peerless industry wrapping vinyl.

Only accredited centres throughout the country are permitted to use 3M and we have expertly trained and qualified designers and wrappers at both our Leeds and Manchester centres.

Find out more about premium 3M vinyl wrap here.