Multi-Stage Detail Wash.

This safe-wash service is the best form of maintenance for those looking for an in-depth deep clean for their vehicle without the risk of surface damage to your clear-coat caused by improper washing.

Using our tried and tested multi-stage cleaning process, high quality de-greasers, fall-out and shampoos we present your vehicle spotless every-time. After this process we are also able to evaluate your vehicle’s paintwork and make recommendations for further enhancement services you may in interested in should you wish to take your vehicle finish to the next level.

The Process.


  • Vehicle pressure cleaned to remove loose dirt and debris from the surface.
  • Pre-wash solution used where necessary to remove stubborn contaminants like bugs, tar & iron.
  • Wheels & arches treated with pre-wash solutions and left to dwell.
  • All external surfaces snow-foam foamed including wheels & arches and left to work on the surface.
  • Vehicle pressure rinsed to remove snow-foam, fall-out solutions and remaining loose dirt and debris.
  • Vehicle carefully washed using our 2 bucket wash and rinse system with PH neutral shampoo and a soft lambswool wash-mitt
  • Shampoo and remaining decontaminates pressure rinsed from the surfaces.
  • Wheel faces and backs (where accessible) cleaned with a non acidic wheel cleaner and soft brushes and or wash-mitt.
  • Vehicle dried using thick microfibre towels, air-line used to remove water from seals.
  • Wiper blades cleaned with alcohol based cleaner.


  • High quality wax or polymer based detail spray used on all painted external surfaces.
  • All window and mirror glass cleaned with tailored glass cleaner to ensure removal of any oil-based residue.
  • Tyres dressed using premium tyre shine gel.

Price from:

Small to Medium Car – £55+VAT
Large to 4×4 – £75+VAT
Exotics – £POA