Paint Protection Film

There’s nothing worse than getting a chip in your car paintwork — especially when you’ve just had it wrapped. The good news, however, is that here at the Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we are approved installers of both Avery Dennison Supreme Protection Film XI (SPF-XI) and Hexis BODYFENCE Paint Protection Film (PPF) – providing your vehicle with that extra special layer of protection at both our Manchester and Leeds locations.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) was originally invented to protect military helicopters from flying debris. Since then, it has been developed into a quality transparent film that can protect any vehicle’s paintwork from all of the scuffs and scrapes that regular use can result in. It can also safeguard track vehicles.

Technologically brilliant, Avery Dennison and Hexis’s Paint Protection Films are premium polyurethane films that are applied to the surface of vehicles to protect them from everyday scratches, dents, and swirls caused by stones, insects, tree sap, and other environmental dangers.

Why use Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a reliable method for protecting a vehicle’s paintwork and increasing its lifespan. This can be particularly important when it comes to performance and prestige vehicles, where the film can help you to maintain the car’s aesthetic and value. However, all vehicles can benefit.

Paint Protection Film is a cheaper alternative to paintwork repairs and is also a significant time-saver through the power of prevention.

What makes Avery Dennison SPF-XI film different?

The cutting edge of Paint Protection Film, Avery Dennison SPF-XI film is constructed from several layers of advanced elastomeric polymers that not only help prevent discolouration from ultra-violet radiation, but also help the material heal itself.

Additionally, Avery Dennison SPF-XI film ensures that no unwanted textures are added to the appearance of a vehicle, which leaves its surface indistinguishable from vehicle wrapping or factory paint.

Here at the Vehicle Wrapping Centre, our trained installers ensure exact alignment around vehicle surface features, while maintaining the film around the perimeter of each panel, ensuring a truly invisible barrier against all the road’s elements.

What’s more, even the adhesive used in the process is superior to its competitors, with the film being allowed to be contoured against complex surfaces – avoiding the occurrence of any wrinkles, ripples or seams.

Avery Dennison SPF-XI film is ultra-clear for a high-gloss transparent finish and offers up to 10 years of UV and solid heat resistance for your paintwork.

When the time comes, this film is super easy to remove, too — of course, leaving no damage.

What makes Hexis BODYFENCE PPF different?

Hexis BODYFENCE PPF guarantees durability, performance, appearance, and quality.

The BodyFence range will protect your vehicle against scratches, scuffs, stone chips, abrasion, key marks, and UV rays.

Furthermore, the film prevents dirt from attaching itself to the paintwork, keeping your vehicle clean for longer and making it easier to clean when required.

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