For companies with large fleets, whether they are comprised of vans, trucks, or cars, these vehicles play a representative role to the general public.

There’s no doubt that most vans are seen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is estimated that a commercial vehicle is seen by an average of 3,000 people per hour while out on the road. With this in mind, it’s imperative that your vehicles portray the very best of your business.

A van or truck wrap by The Vehicle Wrapping Centre instantly creates a professional image, as well as providing high impact vehicle advertising and brand awareness.

National corporations and businesses such as BT, British Gas, DHL, and Sky TV have their vans wrapped with premium quality vinyl. Their vehicles are instantly recognisable and present a professional image.

What’s more they are well-protected from the daily ‘wear and tear’ that vans are subjected to on the roads.

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, we also provide XPEL paint protection film that offers an extra layer of protection that is hand drawn, measured, and tested manually.

Furthermore, the ULTIMATE line uses what is known as an ‘elastomeric polymer’ that allows the film to heal itself within a matter of minutes from scratches and swirls.

Our in-house design teams can help create printed full or part wraps, as well as curating cut graphics and liveries from standard or bespoke vinyl colours, giving you an effective solution regardless of your company’s budget.


Wrapping any vehicle helps protect your fleet’s paintwork from day-to-day wear and tear, which can be more evident and more likely on a van or truck that is often out on the roads. This means the vinyl wrap also protects the vehicle’s residual value; when the wrap is removed, the van’s paint work will look virtually the same as the day it was wrapped. This is an especially attractive feature for newer or leased vehicles, as it will help retain resale values and reduce costs when the vehicle returns to the lease company.

Applying a printed or colour change vinyl wrap, graphics or livery is a great, cost-effective way to refresh your vehicles rather than replace them, if they’re starting to look a bit tired. Why not refresh that paintwork with an eye-catching custom design, which detracts from the poor paintwork and instead promotes your business and brings you more customers?



Being temporary, our quality vinyl wraps are a great choice for companies wishing to spread a short term marketing message. Lasting for 3 years or more the vinyl film can be removed when needed and replaced with a new marketing message. We can replace the vinyl in its sections too, so you don’t even have to remove the whole wrap if you just need to change one part.

In all, our premium quality vinyl wrapping is the perfect solution for your business needs if you have a commercial fleet. It is temporary, replaceable, protective of paintwork, a great source of brand awareness and also much more cost-effective than traditional signwriting options and re-sprays.