What are the most popular car colours in Leeds?

Many motorists buy their car based largely on the colour, along with other characteristics like the make, model and age – and of course vehicle wraps offer a convenient way to change the colour of your car whenever you want.

But what is the science behind car colours in Leeds? Local Vauxhall dealer Evans Halshaw recently looked at the city’s buying behaviour as part of a study reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

This revealed that most motorists prefer white cars, which matches with the national trend, but also that a minority like to stand out with bright shades like orange and yellow.

Professor Craig Jackson of Birmingham City University carried out the statistical analysis using customer sales data from Evans Halshaw, and says the psychology behind car colours in Leeds can be more complicated than it initially seems.


“The relationship between people and the colours around us can be quite complex, and colour preferences are not the same for all products,” he explains. “For instance, people generally prefer white kitchen appliances, but not white TVs. When it comes to cars, we often see red sports cars but not so many red 4x4s.”

Most people – not only in Leeds, but throughout the UK and continental Europe – tend to prefer monochrome colours like white, black, silver and grey.

But if you want your vehicle to stand out, there are plenty more colour options to choose from, whether in the vehicle’s original livery or added later with a custom vehicle wrap.

Phillip Rumney, dealer principal at Evans Halshaw, told the Yorkshire Evening Post that the trend towards white cars seen in recent years is not the only colour choice finding favour in the local market at the moment.

He said: “We are seeing other contenders creeping in – red remains a classic option for many drivers. Colour is very important to the majority of our customers and is a key way of injecting their own personality into their vehicle. Some like to be distinctive with colour, while others are more attuned to current trends.”


The YEP article goes on to suggest that a motorist’s choice of vehicle colour can provide an insight into their own character – with white, blue and green all indicating confident but not pushy individuals.

Sporty colours like red and orange, as well as black, typically signify more competitive drivers, but also hint at traditionalists as they have long been the main colour choices for sports cars.

Purple and yellow, although vibrant colours, are often chosen by quite peaceful individuals but with distinct points of view, while pink is a sign of a strong sense of self, and an optimistic driver.

Metallic and ‘drab’ colours are typically more sedate options – brown and gold are both non-threatening and preferred by women, while grey and silver are conservative colours too.

This may be surprising given the recent popularity of metallic foil vehicle wraps, but it’s worth remembering that metallic paint jobs are generally not highly reflective, so if you really want to make more of a statement, a foil wrap is the way to go.