Horse Box Wrapping

Here at The Vehicle Wrapping Centre, aside from vehicles, we also design and apply horse box wraps and horse box graphics, including work on Sovereign, Bloomfields, Solitaire, Equihunter, and Alexanders horseboxes.

Whether for private horse boxes or for professional riders, we have a great deal of experience in designing, wrapping, and applying graphics and decals to horse boxes.

How the wrapping process works for horseboxes

Our experienced designers, both in Leeds and Manchester, have worked on an array of horseboxes and are happy to go through designs and ideas throughout all wrap and application processes.

Being that much of our work at the Vehicle Wrapping Centre is totally bespoke, we are both happy to work on preconceived ideas or sit down with clients and conjure up a totally original design.

Of course, many riders and horses have stable sponsors and logos that need to be applied to horseboxes, and our team works hard to ensure a full, quality replication in all instances.

We are also happy to add identifiable numbers and surnames onto horsebox wraps so that they also add a layer of protection against theft.

What kind of material is used for horse box graphics?

Like our vehicles, we also use quality 3M vinyl on horseboxes, and are one of the few accredited garages in the UK that are able to do so.

With a range of standard vinyl types, 3M also offers matte, gloss, metal, satin and carbon fibre effect finishes – so our clients are able to get exactly what they need and want.

One of the most respected vinyl companies throughout the world, 3M is peerless and sets the standard for vinyl wrappers everywhere.

Can The Vehicle Wrapping Centre wrap large horseboxes?

Yes, alongside lorries and buses, we are well versed at wrapping large horseboxes that weigh between 7,000kg and 26,000kg.

Including Sovereign horseboxes and other brand names, we have had a range of large professional horseboxes at both our Leeds and Manchester centres and are perfectly happy to accommodate any size of horsebox.

For more information on horsebox wrapping or graphics, contact us on 0330 311 2892.